Can humans ever understand anything beyond retribution and revenge?

Love can only blossom in freedom.

Freedom from retribution and revenge.

Twisted human nature:

They will condone humiliation, mistreatment and all kind of abuse, but they will never forgive you for having tried to make them free.

The Most Important Question

Sometimes you come to the point where beyond the argument of deluded
self-importance, extravagance or bloated subjectivity, you simply know that the
current viewpoint promulgated by science or “spiritual” authority
 is “wrong”,
and you are “right”.

After all, there is no map to anything…

If you want to find out Who You Are and what Your True Destiny is about, you have to question Tradition and Societal Norm which are there to hinder, restrict and discourage you from finding yourself and what is right for you – your individual path.

Most people are never really “born” as they blindly follow the mainstream – “mainstream” meaning failure and perdition for individuality.

If you don´t wisely challenge and rebel against the present order, finding your most specific individualityyou are lost – you will miss the whole point with Life.

Can you thus assume the responsibility of knowing this, of trusting your inner voice and not the rational and dogmatic bunkum of conformity, even if that means derision, tribulation, humiliation and loneliness?

The price is huge, but BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE IS HOMECOMING – the real answer to it all.


Where are our heroes?

Says Sara Hunter:

Where have our great heroes gone?

Do people do not dream enough these days? Where are those leaders of men and women who can lead the world into a new vision?

My answer:

Society as it is today doesn´t allow the arising of heroes. There is this book I have – Spiritual Emergency and one of the co-authors poses the same question. I will try to find this particular fragment if I manage. The gist of his words is:

Why are we short of heroes today, where are all the great people? He goes on giving a blatant answer:

Our greatest poets, prophets, visionaries, great artists and musicians are to be found in the madhouse. Their message seemed so strikingly different,
far-fetched and outlandish so by the fact that no one took them seriously, not having a fair chance to express their specific gift, – in short – this huge power being locked inside of them not finding a natural course to be unleashed, turned them into misfits…and eventually insanity was the only option.

Also the great heroes are amidst all the “normal people” we know, who at some point decided to keep their mouth shut in order to survive. They have given up on their inner voice, as nobody was disposed to listen to them and take them seriously. So no wonder, in order to protect themselves they keep a low profile.

So really – I nominate you a hero taking up this so incredibly overarching and essential question.

If I am allowed to take a break from false modesty, I want to tell you that I had the guts to go against and put up with all academic and societal prejudice, demeaning ridicule and humiliation, and I have won over them all.

The fruits of my courage are beginning to effloresce.