I no longer have patience for certain things

…not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me.

I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping.

I hate conflict and comparisons. I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement.

On top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.

– José Micard Teixeira

Habit, banality and hypocrisy

She says:
“It frustrates me that many people are happy in their banality… crap tv, pampering and primping themselves, getting wasted… all part of current society. You cannot reach these people, they are not ready. So don’t waste thought on trying – BUT there ARE people who can and do want to be reached… and for them, isn’t it worth it?
Small ripples…”

Can you see how your ego plays tricks on you?.
I write these words to you now. Who are these many people who are happy in their banality? What do we know about them…? Who is there to see them?

When we see others “getting wasted” we kind of unconsciously observe our own dissipation in the process, don´t we…?

Of course, “all part of current society”, society being of course, you and me.
“You cannot reach these people, they are not ready” you say. The question is:


Which parts of you are ready and which ones are not…?

Can you see your own escape strategy…? Can you see your own banality…?
Can you see that your hypocrisy frustrates you…? Indeed, do I venture to see my own
hypocrisy and banality…?

Just ponder:

As long as we won´t break free from habit and inertia, understanding that a mind
caught in mechanical repetition is not and cannot be alive – thus not capable of
Love – we will remain frustrated, living in banal and futile hypocrisy.

Unhappy trying to be happy – the pursuit of happiness

How can you be happy if you don’t know what unhappy is? For happiness to exist
unhappiness and discontent must exist. So there is some good in unhappiness.

It´s a very tricky thing.

From the perspective of duality you are right. We all know what discontent and
unhappiness is, that´s for sure.

The point is – as I emphasised before – once you feel discontent and misfortune you automatically strive for “happiness”. As long as dissatisfaction is the starting point of our journey to wellness, we will attract and encounter nothing but deceit and more displeasure. Can you see this?
What else can we find other than unhappiness when unhappy?

In this sense, the troublesome pursuit of happiness becomes vanity and hypocrisy…yes, imposture…- Ego craving for pleasure, eventually ego vehemently trying to escape its inherent predicament – conflict and suffering.
In this sense, the chasing of happiness becomes “important”…

Happiness becomes thus a mere futile projection, an inane and trivially stupid
pursuance for the illusion of self-aggrandisement.

Just look around at out present age and check for yourself if what I say is right…
Witness what dire and fatal outcome has this very quest for happiness for ourselves
and everything around us.

Now: Is happiness a projection?… An outcome, something to look or strive for?

Does happiness ever go hand in hand with discontent and unhappiness?
Is happiness to be found at the level of duality?
Does the sense of real wellness and felicity belong to “the known”?…
How can something “known”, ever become worthwhile having…?

How can effort and repetition equate well-being…?

Bottom line:

Happiness is the beloved and distinguished guest who comes uninvited the moment
we fully realize the vanity and hopelessness of the endeavour to be happy.


Melissa commenting my last post

Old World Charm Vintage:
Mirrors of Encounters has obviously a great amount of followers who are interested in what you have to say, I’m sure this connection will still be there even if you do change your tonality, or how about a second blog to use in a different way maybe ? I am no master to be trying to give you advise though, but thought I best try with something as your sounding a little distressed.

Don´t let yourself be deceived by my tone. No, I couldn´t say I was “distressed”, on the contrary,
I felt great peace while writing those things, but at the same time some kind of frenzied fervour, of being totally fed up with both my own and others hypocrisy.

I am not a sham and neither an ingratiating hypocrite, but I kind of felt that I am beginning to be one,
if I am to be afraid of other people´s resentment and fear to hear the raw truth.

BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT LIES ARE ATROCIOUSLY DANGEROUS. We need to cut deep into the infected sore, if we are going to heal.

Most people I encounter don´t want to heal. They want to remain diseased, it is their identity
The question is: DO WE WANT TO HEAL?

If we want that, than we have to accept that Truth hurts terribly in the beginning.

When it comes to a second blog, I´ve been considering that myself. I´ll see – at the end of the day, I want to have everything under the same roof…

If I were to have a second blog, what would be “A DIFFERENT WAY” in your opinion…?

Questioning and confronting one´s own negativity is the beginning of a true life

I can´t help being honest and direct, although I have constantly paid a high price for that. But it´s been worth…You can´t have real dignity unless you have the guts to call things by their real name.

Negativity always claims to be right…that is the greatest problem. Argument is often used as a means to project and escape from the real issue.

Secretly people love their negativity. They love drama. And in most cases, they don´t want to be lonely in their play – they skillfully attract you into their drama, in order to punish and put the blame on you for their mischance and inner misery.

Very astute… so many people don’t see that. I’ve always abhorred hypocrisy and people who are ‘two faced’. I’m direct, too, and I’ve been in situations where people can’t deal with my ‘honesty’ ‘cos I won’t play their ‘game’… I’d rather have a few good friends who I can say anything to, than a crowd of acquaintances that I have to ‘change with the wind’ for! I try to stay away from negative people, they just sap all your energy! :-)

Of course, when you no longer play “their game” they get angry at you. And that because they cannot steal and suck your energy any longer…they can´t further project their drama on you…

Now, this Janus complex – the two-faced God – is a very complicated thing…
People are often masters of hiding their two-faced identity. Despite my great intuition I have many times been horribly defrauded…

What is though vitally important to know is this:

We – you, me, next person – have to have the courage of confronting OUR OWN HYPOCRISY,
that is, our own “two-faced-ness”…
To be able to see, question, and confront one´s own negativity which is often hiding from our daily perception, is the beginning of a true and sound life..

Here is the naked truth

I said it before, many times I feel very insecure as I find myself expressing things not knowing if they apply at all, as almost nobody is interested to hear.

Despite the innumerable books, and so-called specialists versed in spirituality or psychology, very few venture into the real Cause, never digging deeply to the core of reality.

So here I am, confronting the things almost nobody wants to admit, things that “happen” to everybody, yet no one wants to approve.

It is hard and terribly unrewarding to undertake this seemingly impossible journey. It feels lonely like hell. Only few have the guts to take the trouble of confronting immediate reality, watching closely and putting the right words to current things.

I feel like I am totally on my own, surrounded by cowards and liars. It is worse than an ice desert. You dig with your bare hands. You try to speak out of the impending state of things, and no one will listen.

“You exaggerate, it´s not so bad” they say. But IT IS BAD… We are on the verge of bankruptcy, if not totally bankrupt already. Not only in economy but in every area of life. WE ARE IN DEEP CRISIS.

The situation is very critical and what it really makes me mad, is that almost no one wants to admit this. Because, this is in fact why things are so bad – WE REFUSE TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT WHAT HAPPENS. They all go ahead with their futile undertaking, without ever looking around comprehending that everything is intertwined – your problem is mine and my issues are yours.

Examples?…I have plenty, but I´ll  just make my point with these two: someone I know said yesterday ” I feel kind of empty, I kind of lost my motivation in life…”Let´s talk” I said amiably, it sounds like a depression.”OH NO I AM NOT DEPRESSED and besides I´m kind of busy”…Of course, he is depressed but he is not depressed…And he was very busy: I saw him later on wandering aimlessly around…

Later on yesterday, I saw a girl, poor thing, she looked as if she had just got released from a concentration camp. I was in complete shock. I swear to God, I´ve never seen before such a flagrant case of anorexia. She looked literally like a skeleton. She sat there with her father at the same spot where I was, pretending all was well. I couldn´t believe my eyes…”Am I the only one to see her predicament…?” I asked absolutely appalled someone sitting next to me.

“OH, THEY ALL SEE ALL RIGHT, IT´S JUST THAT THEY DON´T DARE TO SAY ANYTHING”, came the answer. Don´t we all do the same…?

This girl is a metaphor for our soul. We are all spiritually starved, anorexic and dying, but pretending all is well…

You feel like crying out to people – ARE YOU ALL TOTALLY NUTS…? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU…?

Malraux put it very well – “either we are going to be religious, or we are not going to be at all”.
So here is the real crisis: YOU AND ME.

The relation between you and me. There can never exist a real relation between us, unless we both OPEN OUR HEARTS, and back each other to a sane relation to Self, to Being. ISOLATION FROM SELF MEANS DISEASE IN EVERY RESPECT! Only through contact with Self, humanity regains its humanity.

We are nothing without contact with Source. Nothing…Only dust, vanity, and superfluous rattling.

If we don´t admit this very reason for our misery and continue with this hypocrisy and these absurd and shameless lies we obstinately hold about ourselves and life, refusing to stand up and expressly claim This Imminent Truth, then we all deserve this dire fate.

The pressure of conforming to current lies

Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say and articulate, and yet something within me stops me … preventing and thwarting me, like stealing my words, as if threatening me to constantly keep a low profile, never saying the truth…

Maybe it has to do with the fact that all my life I was tacitly told to obey “the natural course” and keep my mouth shut, and I have internalized this permanent ban in order to survive among these liars…

I have frustrated my natural impulse to express myself naturally and unimpeded, making a habit of not being permissive with myself, not allowing myself to behave and act naturally.

Damn it, this curse is about to end!

Another meaningful dialogue

 I said earlier:

“Cowardice, endless stint, rapacity, bigotry and hypochrisy everywhere, at all levels…This is our time.

The best way though to “change” the world is to take away the focus from the present disconcerting reality, and look at life through the veil of eternal joy…

Strength, lucidity, composure, right measure, trust…These are our invaluable gifts.”

Jane answers very pertinently:

“You brought up many good points.  Working with negativity which is basically wanting things to be different than what they are we end up clinging, defending and attacking.  We feel our own pain about the world and blame the world.

Negativity taken to the extreme (by showing everyone piety and virtue saving the world) allows nothing to pierce its shell.  It becomes “self righteous.”  When I look deeper at negativity, it also appears to have something to do with my own hypocritical nature.  I, too, am the hypocrite I can claim about another.  So, it is important to remind myself that I can allow the feeling of negativity wash through me and try and not conceptualize it.

“Twice” doesn´t exist in real life

Everything seems to be the same, and nothing is the same.

We can swim in the same river, but the river is never the same.

Everything is change and yet we are desperately trying to remain “the same” – through repetition, through eternally being faithful to name, definition, and expectation.

We know the names of things, but we hardly have a genuine relation to things or people around us. As Oscar Wild put it, we know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

We are afraid of giving up name for the sake of the un-name. We are afraid of being fully alive, cause we loathe the unnamable,  there is too much risk associated with “not-knowing”.

And so, we become some kind of petty cowards, embracing beautiful words, preferring the symbol to Living reality.

Alas, Reality has no price, only Hypocrisy costs us a lot.

Hear what they are, and not what they say

There are people who speak impeccably about most interesting life-issues. Their skill is obvious, what they say seems so right and convincing. Yet behind these “well-learned-truths” you sense often imposture and hypocrisy.

It requires great skill and discernment “to hear” what people are, and not what they say…