A prayer for today

Release me from all Knowledge

Release me from the misconception of Justice or Injustice

Take away

All Judgement

The burden of Every Thought

The burden of Distinction

Save me from All Fear

Let the Endless Space shine upon me


Give your light to the world, but never lose it to the world

This is a fantastic post written by Andrea. I wish I had written it, because it is so incredibly well articulated. In fact I find my own thoughts here. The post is originally called “Into the Inner”. I only took the liberty of changing its title.
Here it is:

“Yes, the thought is clear in my mind. Yes, I can feel the energy of the information. For some f’ing reason I can’t calibrate it into writing. So annoyed by my recent lack of communication in this area. I know better than to push it, so now that I’ve got something flowing, I’m running with it.

An interesting thought hit me today, and hard. I can see so clearly that the key to self-development is to keep some for yourself. In all my life I have constantly shuffled through different shades of giving. Not giving in the good way either. Giving in the way that left me drained, resentful and disappointed in those around me. This has always been a difficult energy for me to balance.

I always thought that because I could give a lot to others, that automatically meant that I should. Now, after years of trial and error, I can see that it’s all a simple tool to avoid putting your attention where it ought to be: the self.

I now see that the key is in knowing that your focus should always be on yourself to some extent. When you lose the focus you lose yourself; it’s as simple as that.

How many times do you leave the company of others feeling drained? These are the times you need to investigate, because these are the times when you’re giving it all away. And your all is far too much.

It’s part of the vampire cycle which aims to suck your focus dry of yourself. The world is a giant play and it’s easy to get sucked in to all the meaningless crap around you. The only act you need to concern yourself with is the one you’re in right now, right here, this second.

If you never save some for you, you will never fully realize your you-ness, your potential ‘I Am’, your center.

The focus must stay with you. There is nowhere more important and nowhere for you to be of greater service to the world.

Our lives our empty because we’ve allowed ourselves to be immersed in anything but that which truly nourishes our actual being. Then, the very feeling of emptiness sustains our focus further away from ourselves, as we attempt to discover why our lives are the way they are. Bullshit, stop, it’s a dead-end, come back.

If you can center, you can create awareness and if you can create awareness you can discover the void, and well, if you get that then there’s not much more to get. That is the all. Life is a perpetual series of refinements and changes. Awareness of life is the point where love knocks us on our asses and makes us think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” (No need to ask this, the perfect time is always now)

So keep some for yourself. Give your light to the world, but never lose it to the world, never burn out. Make your mantra “I give to the world, and I give to myself”. There is nothing enlightened about wasting your energy on that which is only perception anyways. Spend your energy wisely and invest it where it will surely count; inwards, onwards, upwards. Love.

Beautiful, that’s all.


What are your interests?

I have no interest to be.


Neither nor

I am neither right nor wrong.