That´s it my friends

It has taken me 49 years to come to this point…I have suspected for the last 15 years that
things were the way they are, but there was no one to acknowledge this highly uncommon “knowing”…

Long ago, a friend of mine got his recognition under a tree.
Mine was given tonight in a locker room at the gym…isn´t this immensely amusing…?

As of today I know that I know…:)

What is this “knowledge”…? Here it is:

It doesn´t matter if you are a billionaire, or a beggar, a thief or a “saint”, it is the same if you can speak 100 languages or not utter a single word, it´s the same if you can travel back and forth in the whole Universe, or stay on the same spot…You can succeed or fail…The Universe doesn´t care, It doesn´t love more the scientist than the wretched…

You can master or know whatever is to know and it doesn´t mean a thing, or you can be absolutely “no one” and you can find the meaning of it all…A genius, or a total ignorant, a fool or president of the country… – you can be everything or nothing – it is the same…

Nothing counts – everything counts…Everything exists and Nothing exists. YOU EXIST!…

You are loved beyond comprehension. You come from Infinite Joy…Your breath is the most precious evidence that You exist…JUST KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED! – relying on this love, you can choose whatever makes you happy. Remember, choose out of this Love!
YOU ARE ALREADY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR…But mostly you don´t know this…

The Universe doesn´t need you “to become” or “be someone”…YOU ARE SOMEONE, this is you real legacy: YOU ARE…
You cannot “not exist”…There is no such thing as non-existence…other than your limited comprehension.

Everything is the same… You can conquer the whole world, or do nothing – it means nothing or it means
everything insofar as you realize this Love…NOW!!…This words may be a terrible blow for people´s ego…
But let it be a blow…

So my friends, I greet you with a big smile. 🙂

I know that I know

This common saying “If there´s a will there´s a way” is not so common after all.

When you know what you want, when you have discovered what it is you are really aimed for, nothing or no one can stop you. Being totally dedicated and convinced of your call, there are no longer any doubts. Your purpose being clearly identified and stated, you simply act in the “right” direction. All frictions and resistances are left behind and you have free access to unimaginable energy.

Now, if you look with awaken eyes, you realize that many people never find out who they are, and what their specific way or task is in life.

They try this or that. It shows that is neither nor. They try again. Failing constantly. That would be rather appropriate to say: I fail therefore I exist. No matter if it´s about a job or a relation, whatever they “commit” themselves to, turns out to be another flop.

On a higher level nobody is unloved. On a human personal level, things are much more complicated. It seems that many people´s life is doomed to be a failure.

Descartes with his fearsome stupid “I think therefore I am”, has created more damage than he ever imagined… Many live through life being the victims of their own thinking, hence, giving their life to doubts. Of course, many times it is sensible to doubt, BUT LIVING IN CONSTANT DOUBT MEANS INVARIABLY FAILURE.

Doubting is modern man´s curse.

Doubt means continuous resistance, gruesome and incessant friction and conflict. Doubt is searching without finding. “Not knowing” anything for sure is also induced by doubt. Doubt leads mostly to frustration, draining you of all your energy. How is it possible to stay focused and happy if you have no energy, constantly living in conflict and frustration? Why do you think that everybody complains about being always tired and stressed?

Here´s the answer :

They have no clue to whom they are, they are the wrong persons in the wrong working places, they mostly have wrong partners because they fake everything, nothing really works in many people´s personal life, despite all appearance FAILING IS THEIR SHARE, all in all, it´s a flagrant fact: all these unquiet mourners are utterly unhappy and miserable.


Ultimately, doubt is wasting your precious life.

The obsession of doubt is virtue in this world. “Not knowing anything for sure” has become our everyday plague. Everything has to be relative and because it is relative, we don´t need to take a stand for anything. With other words, we don´t need to take responsibility for anything. What more idiotic and comfortable strategy than hiding behind ” I don´t know”…?

Now the question is: DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?…

Can you for a change take a different step, urgently consider and question yourself honestly, accepting that yes! It is possible to know – I CAN KNOW SOMETHING FOR SURE. I am prepared to respect and stand for my being and for my own truth!

Can I trust my knowing even if I am “wrong”? At the end of the day, does “wrong” exist? Wrong exists as long as you don´t take a stand and remain a coward.

Do I want to find out? Can I take the trouble to examine myself and find my own unshakable answers, or do I want to be taken care of this ageless relativistic bullshit propaganda because I am afraid?

Do you want to be a happy person with integrity? Than  ALLOW YOURSELF TO KNOW SOMETHING FOR SURE! That is, LIVE YOUR OWN TRUTH IF IT FEELS RIGHT!

This socratic statement that “I know that I don´t know” is outlived. What about I KNOW THAT I KNOW?

How would that sound…?