A life spent in illusion is not worth living

And yet…
Deprive them of their illusions
and they’ll fucking kill you.

Our true countenance beyond all masks

“Getting rid of masks and unlearning everything takes time and great effort.”- says Nirmal.

In this our dimension governed by time and linearity, this is doubtelessly true. Without effort and perseverance, we come nowhere.

On the other hand…

Behind all our masks there is the radiant countenance…without a face there would be no masks to be attached…

The paradox is that yes, the masks are seemingly there, and yet, they are not…as the masks come and go, but the countenance Always remains.

So if we assume that the masks are simply some kind of illusion – false attachments, to put it simply – then the unlearning needs neither time nor effort…

The realization can happen Now…Lo!… It´s here!

But  being so deeply identified with our emotional and mental offsprings, we can´t perceive our true radiant face…We have no idea it is here…as we´ve never seen it.

Enlightenment is dropping all the masks at once…but the thing is that we can´t make this happen…that´s why we are stuck in time and effort…

Thing is that we need all this effort and perseverance, in order to understand that neither effort nor perseverance is ultimately needed.


Quoting Friedrich Nietzsche

“People don’t want to hear the truth, because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

Who would you be without your illusions?

Dale Carnegie once admitted to some friends that although he was a billionaire he was utterly unhappy and miserable. “I was better off when I was young and poor, having an ideal to accomplish. Now I have everything I wished for, but no motivation left, no reason to struggle.”

So oftentimes, I can´t help chuckling when I look around: everybody is running a terrible race, frantically chasing success. They worry, they fight, they can kill for their reckless desire to achieve. To make it.

The worst possible scenario for many though, would be if their dreams came true. Imagine Abundance and Happiness coming their way:

“From now on, we are all yours. You could have it all…”

God forbid:

What would become of them if they stopped struggling, chasing, tormenting themselves?…