A secondhand faith can neither sustain nor transform life

We are living secondhand lives and dying from a secondhand faith.

– Michael Marsh

About the ability to sustain life

Many people who work with sustainability stuff receive loads of money for their projects and the result is often null. It is unbelievable to witness what a waste of time and resources…

Sustain-ability…Isn´t this about the ability to sustain life?… What can politicians sustain when they often know nothing about life?… What are they/we capable of sustaining other than greedy shortsightedness, self-delusion and empty rhetoric?…

How can they/we ever find stringent solutions when we never listen, failing to take the pulse of immediate reality?

A very good answer for this comes from sprinklinthoughts.wordpress.com:

” Listen… Listen to what is around you – to your heart, your soul, and your own mind. Slow down and catch up to your real self.”

You may want to read his post about the subject:


The dead are not responsible

It is forgivable to be a genuine ignorant. The problem arises when you are not an ignorant but refuse to see, know and accept obvious facts. This is the case with most people.

Many are not evil, but they become evil when they refuse to live, to know, to reflect. Evil is delf-deceit, evil is to indulge in the delusion of Good, without confronting immediate reality.

To be alive means a great responsibility.

Responsibility comes from the word “respond”, so only a vivid person can hear and respond. Only the vivid can take responsibility.