Be alive, be imperfect

I have to say that many times the music of Mozart goes on my nerves. It is too consonant. It is somehow “too harmonious”.

With all due respect for consonance, but consonance without its counterpart, dissonance, is hell. Dissonances are more intriguing, more alive, more interesting than “pure sounds”. When something is “perfect”, what else can you add? Nothing…Thus, Consonance is a dead-end, as it doesn´t point to any further possibilities.

Consequently, whatever is “right” bores me to death. The wrong, the dissonant, the disharmonious is far more interesting and promising than all “unshakable truths” of whatever it is stated as harmony.

Mistakes are many times a blessing in disguise. Mistake – as it is “imperfect” – can point to something more truthful, more real than all endeavours for perfection. The “mistaken” can grow, the perfect can´t, as it is already dead.

Beauty without asymmetry is pure hell. “Perfect beauty” is the nightmare of bourgeois aesthetics which create more chaos and disorder than anything else, as it refuses to recognize the darkness and inherent chaos in all things.

The ugly, the “chaotic” is many times more interesting and alive and expressive than the “beautiful”.

“Perfect beauty” is the perfect expression for a sumptuous Cemetery. Imagine a beautiful, totally flawless woman. If there is nothing wrong with her, an asymmetry or a minor defect, she is nothing more than a magnificent metaphor for death.

Humanity´s nightmare is the pursuing of the “perfect”. “Be perfect as our Father in Heaven”. No kidding?…

What a disgusting and misleading “truth” invented by impotent dorks that has destroyed many peoples´ life. What perfection are we talking about, when if you look closely at life, life is vulnerable and eternally “imperfect”.

Everything real is a dance between chaos and order, between consonance and dissonance. Dissonance creates consonance, and consonance needs its counterpart.

Life is a glorious blend of beauty and ugliness.

Only the dead are perfect, the alive is eternally imperfect!

So I tell you, be imperfect, be alive!