A second away

This magical Second, this  “Second-away”  is not something you achieve, it is not something belonging to our “human endeavour” as it is not reached through knowledge, virtue or discipline. It is the very Breath of Life, the Nameless – you can call it God, Holly Spirit, The Source, Universal consciousness.

The paradox is that It is always here and at the same time “it doesn´t exist” – for if you try to reach it, you will just reach your own projection. It is devoid of attributes, and yet everything is contained in It.

There is no way you can confront It, it´s like the fish trying to confront the ocean it swims in. From a human point of view, it is a hopelessly frustrating predicament. Society keeps telling us to learn, to develop, to cultivate ourselves, to be fit, to struggle, to be first, or God knows what. This is sheer insanity. Living this way, humans have become no more than a tragic caricature .

So in order to “retrieve” your life, your true second, you have to see through and “let go” of all this impostures. But this is an incredibly hard task as the loss of false identity creates severe pain. You will be “in between” for some time; in some kind of Limbo, neither “here” nor “there”.
Most likely you will be lonely for a while, cause having the courage to ask for your REAL LIFE, is the worst scenario for most of the people, and they will be frightened and go their way.

So, “give up” and quit this senseless struggle, have the courage to empty yourself, to become “simple” and quiet, and Life will reveal its whisper. It will pour Its secret upon you and you will know…here and now !

It is just a second away 🙂