I sent a mail to my friend, who some years ago photographed the score to a piano piece by me, telling him that this particular composition was broadcasted in the radio the other day . He lives in Skåne and last time we met was in June – he told me , that the very moment I sent him the mail, he was in Stockholm thinking to call me 🙂 as we met for breakfast this morning, I told him that I was thinking about Peter ,a producer friend of mine, I haven`t seen in 5 years that I lost track of him and tried to get in touch – belive or not but Peter ENTERED the cafe that very moment =))Sometimes life is more weird than whatever film or science fiction book. Later on, we went to an art show – there was another friend , a painter – I asked him about Aurelie a friend of ours , a French girl I saw last time in July – one hour after guess who called?:))) Aurelie and I went for a tea together