False solutions

We are so shortsighted and reluctant to realize that without a comprehensive outlook on life, every solution will create another even worse problem.

My second manifest

This main characteristic of our age is ESCAPISM.

We escape from our individual and collective problems, we avoid the confrontation with ourselves, we hide and keep away from our real feelings, in short, we want to escape from everything genuine that has to do with our humanity.

This terrible emotional and moral cowardice, the refusal to live a real life, has created this insane and hollow world of today. You and me are responsible for all this.

It is our escapism which has created these unintelligent and immoral leaders, these dumb and incompetent politicians, this pornographic and highly stupid age where real talent, passion and real love is given almost no space to grow and blossom.

Our stupidity and fear of life has produced all this unbearable narcissistic ugliness in art with all these wannabe artists and pseudo musicians, insipid actors and visionless philosophers.
Having no longer any spiritual and aesthetic values, we have become terribly reckless. Our mad competition for everything is nothing but our fear of our emptiness and unworthiness.

Our shame, insecurity and lack of passion makes us shun one another, so as a compensation, we have invented all these idiotic devices – mobile phones, computers, iPods and God knows what, things that are nothing but means to enhance our isolation, and alienation from each other.

If we continue like this, next thing is going to be invented – if it doesn´t exist already – will be a iFuck-myself, it is quite a logical conclusion, isn´t it? Then we´ll be really safe, and totally independent.

Is this the life you want for you and for your kids…?


Am I the only one to see this?

There is no dignity in this insipid and unimaginative way of living. I don´t want to live like this, it is utterly humiliating.