Either we inviduate or we perish

“I am therefore I deny myself.”

They´re wasting their precious time in most bizarre and perverted ways.

In fact, they´d do everything thinkable or unthinkable to thwart self-knowledge. To repudiate the encounter with their soul.

Doing something for real?…- God forbid.

Alas… – such overwhelming danger to get to know their SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALITY.

The Most Important Question

Sometimes you come to the point where beyond the argument of deluded
self-importance, extravagance or bloated subjectivity, you simply know that the
current viewpoint promulgated by science or “spiritual” authority
 is “wrong”,
and you are “right”.

After all, there is no map to anything…

If you want to find out Who You Are and what Your True Destiny is about, you have to question Tradition and Societal Norm which are there to hinder, restrict and discourage you from finding yourself and what is right for you – your individual path.

Most people are never really “born” as they blindly follow the mainstream – “mainstream” meaning failure and perdition for individuality.

If you don´t wisely challenge and rebel against the present order, finding your most specific individualityyou are lost – you will miss the whole point with Life.

Can you thus assume the responsibility of knowing this, of trusting your inner voice and not the rational and dogmatic bunkum of conformity, even if that means derision, tribulation, humiliation and loneliness?

The price is huge, but BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE IS HOMECOMING – the real answer to it all.


Nobody is right – nobody is wrong

As long as we are victims of this Illusion of being separated, there can´t exist any real individuality either. We are all intertwined. If there is a strong sense of “us” there will naturally be a true and healthy sense of you and me. But we cannot be true individuals as long as we are isolated each one in his illusion.

I wrote in another post:
Hold no point of view and no perspective and then and only then, you’re right!

The illusion of being right or wrong is ubiquitous. We get easily stuck in “I know – you don´t”. Indeed, we ascribe words a far too big a significance, we stumble in meaningless semantics.

So let´s stay watchful and lucid, let´s know that words without love enhance even more the Illusion of Separation. WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG WHERE THERE IS LOVE?

Individuality is bred by love and vivid acceptance. I don´t have to be like you, you don´t need to take after me…Everyone has its own particular way of grasping which is neither better nor worse…Who cares if I am right or wrong as long as I go my way, learning to be myself…?

Ultimately, there is no such thing as “I am right – you are wrong”.

Let us learn to appreciate our differences. Let us learn from each other and listen even more!

Let us accept that there is no one else like you and me. We are different, but nonetheless worthy of love…