Modern Passion

She is quite an interesting girl. Clever, warm-hearted, rather elegant.
Gifted. Oftentimes, radiantly sensual.
Her boyfriend is the perfect Greek caricature of a hero. God in heaven…such a pompous, sentimental narrow-minded fool.
I understood why she is together with this self-sufficient moron:
She is afraid to exhibit her inner light and vivid presence. She is afraid to individuate. Instead of being herself, she prefers to be no one. Really…she is not willing to pay any price for being different – she kills her soul in order to be like everybody else.


The more joy, clarity, transparency and exuberance you feel

…the clearer the evidence that you truly individuate…Individuation meaning ultimately that you are actually ridding yourself of the generational collective madness which steals and gives itself to be your true life.

The signposts have fallen, unblazed trails lie before us

Verily so…Where do you go, who are you to follow when they all pointlessly
rush around with no destination?…

As Jung puts it, there are no longer any signposts to follow; the only direction shown
to you by them all, leads invariably to the secure land of failure and perdition.

You tread in a desert of total uncertainty. A no-man’s-land filled with ruin,
and unspeakable perils. With howling loneliness. You grope in this insidious darkness
which takes all imaginable or unimaginable shapes, ruthlessly giving itself for light.

Those you meet on your way are often calamitous souls disguised in normal people, 
whose only task is to drag you into ever more darkness and mishaps.

The acknowledged prevalent goal in anything leads inevitably to hell, and they
all hustle thither…

no exception.

Unless you want to pursue this by all trodden path to naught, you find yourself
being more lonely than loneliness itself.

Unless you want to embrace Death – that is, being “alive” but dead – you will have to face the trial of this uncanny loneliness and darkness, heading towards the forgotten Source of Life.

There is no path to take.

The Path is uncreated.