Follow your bliss

…means actually,


Only pursuing your truest vocation, will save you
from the despondency of senselessness. That is,
from a life lived in inertia.

Virtual voices

“Virtual voices” welcome our telephone calls, direct us through a “maze” of numbers and options, tell us that all “human operators are too busy” and, when we are on the verge of strangling the virtual respondent, they kindly thank us for our business.”(Jane)

Now, the worse part is that oftentimes even talking to random people you have the peculiar feeling you talk to a “virtual voice”, as the common man, doesn´t have, AND REFUSES TO HAVE – that´s the horrid part – a voice of his own…

Really, it takes a lot of inner strenght and steady conviction to face up this killing inertia and not letting yourself be wiped out by it……