Aren´t you tired to search in vain?

Isn´t it strange?

We invariably expect others to accept and love us, yet we don´t approve of and accept ourselves. In fact, others respond to how you see yourself, yes, to what you give or not give to yourself.

How can others be generous with us, if we are stingy with ourselves?

The more we try to find ourselves through others, letting exterior circumstances define who we are, the more stressed, unfulfilled and unhappy we become.

We secretly crave for others´approval, that is why we are so
concerned and afraid about their opinion, as in fact, we are afraid
to look inside ourselves.

As long as you fail to see that your own approval of yourself is the answer to the contentment and fulfillment you obsessively seek for in others, you will be the slave of everybody´s whims and mischief.

Why are we so desperately looking for other people´s approval?

My question here is really tabu, as everyone plays this game but never admits it. 

Everyone builds a false dependency to others, -“see me, see me…” and yet play
independent, consequently, impossible to reach.

This conceit, oh, this fastidious self-importance, is nothing but sheer
inner emptiness.

What difference does it make eventually if others approve of you,
but you don´t approve of yourself?…