The most immanent insight

The moment when it dawns upon you that Joy and Peace are the outcome of absolutely Nothing and No one, then and only then, are you immaculately Free…

Dare to unfold your talent!

It´s sad really…So many people with original talents have failed to vividly
express their special gift, due to comparing themselves to prevalent expectation
of what was “valid” or not.

Never compare yourself with anyone! Never try to please!
Don´t ever seek validation outwardly.

The only true validation, is your personal motivation and sense of
inner contentment you feel doing the right thing for you.

If you let your Joy validate you, outer validation will eventually come too!

Is ego asleep?

Interesting question: do you think that our ego is gone while we are sleeping deeply? asks Richard.

My answer:

The state of real Awakeness is similar to being asleep. It is something reminding of a perfect rest.

The more vital question is: IS EGO PRESENT OR ABSENT this very second? Is there a way to lucidly discern that?

I believe there is.

The egoless state is “unjustified” joy, inner and outer swiftness, easiness, vivid connection in the Now, lightness of being…You feel such an inner contentment…you heed everything, every moment feels alive, but you cling to nothing – you are so composed so you can hear almost everything…hear the grass growing, as they say…The funny thing is, that the more you live the less questions you have, everything kind of turns into answers.

Living second-wise, we easily and naturally recognize when it is time to eat, work, walk or sleep.
If we are used to living a restless and egotic life, be sure that this ego will ravage while asleep.

Ask many people who suffer from insomnia and sleep disorder.
Sadly, but deep sleep is something very few people get to know nowadays.

So again – the ego doesn´t disappear while asleep – it only changes strategy :)
If we understand the nature of the Ego now, our sleep will be like our living: more and more peaceful and deep.

A whole life in a day

Today I woke up around 5 o´clock in the morning, feeling incredibly clear-minded, peaceful and well-rested despite only few hours sleep.

Throughout the whole day, this blessed inner state stayed with me. An unspeakable quietude, inner stability, a kind of uncommon joy that was in no need to be expressed or shared.

It feels like I lived a whole life to get to know such a perfect state of quiescence. Epiphany…Indeed, a whole life for a day…

I couldn´t believe my senses. Usually one has this kind of peace and delightful ease after some big achievement. But nothing “special” had happened. In fact it was a rather cold and rainy day, when you have all reasons to feel gloomy; but there I was – feeling a million dollar joy with no particular reason.

I suppose that this indescribable state of inner contentment is the thing humans run after the whole life trying to achieve it through hard work, struggling and competing.

But lo, there it was, this magic connection with the ineffable moment, this grace that is not the outcome of anything – no effort and no strife, no outward fulfillment could ever provoke it. It is like being in love with Love – as no person in this world could ever bring about such a height, dignity and loftiness of presence. Rest… Celestial Rest.

Love is here Now…It breathes through our breath. Love is ceaselessly whispering…


We don´t feel it…We don´t dare to know this…We run further indulging and creating “more time”, more “self-knowledge”, more illusion, more distance and unhappiness.

I was smiling inwardly asking tacitly the passersby: Please, stay a moment, rest and breath a while, give yourself this precious chance… – there is nothing worth running away to…This second is everything there is.

LIFE IS NOW….LOVE IS NOW. To live is to love. Love is indiscriminate so there is no such thing as “better or worse”, love will never judge. Neither is there “distant or close”, as
LOVE IS FOR EVER NEAR, for ever Now…

Who would believe me?…

Would you…?