Don´t betray your dream

Anyone who is not an artist – which is to say, not following their deeper calling and creatively speaking their inner voice – is, ultimately speaking, a traitor to their own true nature.

 – Paul Levy

The Quest Beyond Mind

One thing is highly obvious:

We are the slaves of our mind. The slaves of our conditioning. Mind as such is
our very conditioning, mind intrinsically meaning separation.

You cannot possibly solve any of your problems, as what we call “solution” creates and even enhances the already existent inward conflict, as conditioning cannot work upon itself.

Can you see that your Mind itself is the problem maker?… 

Mind cannot see anything clearly, as mind is fragmentation – whatever it considers,
is its constant projection. The essence of mind is thus illusory, it is by definition totally out of touch with reality.

This applies both individually and collectively.

When a number of deluded minds create at some point a certain reality-pattern,
this becomes in due time  “unquestionable”: tradition, law, belief and morality systems, religion and all kinds of must-s, and this – from the beginning – arbitrary deception, is invariably played out and imposed on you.

This is your very legacy transmitted through generations through your mother´s milk, and this heritage lies very deeply in your subconscious.

Being your identity, it is therefore an inhumanly arduous task to impartially see this immemorial conditioning as a vicious legacy, and eventually let go of it.

Only when mind stops, Reality makes itself known to you in its unadulterated splendour.

Presently, there are no longer any real enlightened masters on this planet to guide
you through and out of 
this vicious labyrinth.

You are on your own. Groping in the dark. The only help you can get in this quest, is your Inner Voice and certain initiatory sagas and myths. 

They will come your way, if you have the guts to initiate this process of finding
your true nature.

None of the existing “prophets” of today will tell you, but know that you will face innumerable ordeals along this journey, as archetypes and these inner energetic patterns have an autonomous existence, and they do everything in order to
sabotage and prevent you from your purpose.

Yes, this is the pathless path…

Only the courageous will make it.

Recipe for turning into the perfect failure

Be faithful to tradition, do things the way they always have been done, literally respect and obey authority, give up your inner voice for “we know better than you”, listen always to Reason, never be yourself, procrastinate, put aside your dreams as futile imagination and do what others do, and be sure you are going to turn into the perfect miserable FAILURE!

Your inner world

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As children, we create beauty in the most detached environments with our imagination. We require no knowledge, for our imagination provides us with creativity which creates an inner world within us exempt from the critics of the outside world. As we transition into adulthood, creativity is lost as we make way for new knowledge. We forget the importance of imagination as knowledge becomes the dominant focus of our lives. The inner world within us becomes lost as we adapt to the outer world.

Never let the child within you die out. Whenever you stumble in life, the child within you will catch you from your fall and shield you. He/she will stand by you as you heal and rediscover the true “you” in your childhood that has been lost in the adult world. Search for the creativity you’ve lost, as your imagination provides you with salvation from the malcontent in the outside world. Do not lose that inner world, the inner voice that provides you with guidance when you are lost. And when the time is right, you will spread your wings and be ready to fly again.

The mirrorless Self

In my last post I wrote this :

“It is a hard task for me to put in words what THE SOUL WHISPERS  but my reason doesn´t fully understand.”

It means that there is some kind of inner authority within myself, whose voice I sometimes hear, and from which I learn.

As it were, I don´t hear it when I am restless, agitated or too keen to hear it.

What is this “too keen to hear, to have or be something?” As I can clearly see it, it means that if I want something badly, I will only get the reverse of my wish. The stronger the wish, the greater the distance between me and the “wished-for” reality, or experience.

 If I was to be asked what is the most important thing in life, I would answer undoubtedly: meaningful relations.

Yes, one of my greatest priorities in life is people, encounters, dialogue. To be in the company of open, intelligent, spiritually generous, unbiased persons, is a blessing.

I have to confess, that this is exactly the thing Life has refused me along the years. Such a painful paradox: the more I looked for contact and vivid connection with others, the more distance I created and the more lonely I became.

God, how I suffered because of this…Especially knowing that I have a lot to give, being always genuinely interested to understand “the other”, trying to create nearness and confidence.
I would instead attract all kind of callous, vain, vindictive cowards, who misused my interest and attention, taking without giving something back.

You could meet these persons once, to realize that next time you saw them, they would pretend they don´t know you.

So what was the lesson the Universe was so harshly teaching me?

Reaching the point of utter despair, I became aware of this hardly digestible truth:


This raises a very essential and vital question:


I wouldn´t dream of wasting time with unfruitful ruminating. It is clear that contact with Self, is contact with everything! It appears that only Self is Reality, both mirror and mirror-less.

I was forced to understand this hard lesson of turning to mySelf, to the most important authority within: the connection with this timeless inner Voice.

I still fall into the trap of looking outside for company, being the victim of my own sorrow that not more people are interested to communicate.

Yesterday I went to my usual cafe, feeling again that well-known state of despondency. I opened my blog, reading and learning from my last post and SUDDENLY, I was seized with peace and ease. I was again feeling alive and satisfied,
It was weird and confusing to observe how people around got curious and noticed my presence out of the blue, while I was totally uninterested of what was going on around me.

To conclude.

The only real authority to be trusted is contact with the Inner Voice. Contact with Self heals us from sadness, craving and false dependence. Hence, Desire is the best sign we are out of touch with this nameless Center within.

Desire – that is, too big the passion – without connection with Self  is unspeakable pain, wretchedness.

Our desires have a chance to come true only when we are in touch with the Center of our being. Contact with Self is the soothing caress of Happiness, and the connection with it heals and opens the right doors.

Happiness without craving is the only authority to be trusted.

This really works!

Be faithful to tradition, do things the way they always have been done, literally respect and obey authority, give up your inner voice for “we know better than you”, listen always to Reason, put aside your dreams as futile imagination and be sure you are going to turn into the perfect miserable FAILURE!

Whatever we see is our creation

We create our reality.

I am aware that to the average skeptical mind this statement may sound flat and totally unfounded.

The gravity of this issue requires a serious thorough approach hardly possible to put in few words, yet I will do my best to make my point in few coherent lines :

Most of us are afraid to look within, because investigating what´s inside of us is a big threat, and indeed, starting this inner journey is undertaking a big risk as we never know what we may find in there – what we may be and become.

The equation is quite simple: due to conformity and intellectual laziness, we refuse to delve inside, so we give the responsibility of our life to others. We let them decide for us, choose for us, take care of us.
It is quite clear, that when you shun your inner responsiblity expecting others to find solutions for you, they will for sure manipulate and mistreat you.

They will create the exact Reality that you are fleeing from. It is this mad reality we all know very well, with its absurdity, recklessness, violence and stupidity.

Of course, seeing today´s society, you will claim that you have no involvement in these injustices – you couldn´t have created deliberately such a confusion and chaos, it is not your fault for the present state of things.

And yet, it is our “fault”. WHATEVER WE SEE IS OUR CREATION.

I repeat, consciously or unconsciously, YOU AND ME HAVE CREATED ALL THIS REALITY. Our fault is our fear and our lack of courage to find out WHO WE ARE.

Trying to go the easy way, we have avoided taking responsibility for our lives, totally ignoring our inner voice, getting rid of our humanity.

Now, I think it is ripe time to recognize these basic facts.  Freedom is courage to investigate and challenge all false beliefs. But as long as we put the blame on someone else for this miserable state of things, we will continue to be the slaves of our own lies.

These very lies can lead us to extinction. All other political, economical or social issues are subterfuges. If we fail to recognize that, we are doomed.

Refusing to know who we are, is refusing to live.


The whisper of your inner voice

There is no book, no map, no nothing which can point out to your real life. You are a riddle to discover, the only one able to figure out your mystery is you…

If you choose the “official way” – taking help from books, knowledge, whatever guru, Bible, other holly books or other non sense -, you will spend your life in futile conformity, being a copy of someone else, never knowing WHO YOU ARE or what Life is about….

Or… you can take the strenuous task of self discovery, confronting and realizing that you are on your own – as no one else can live you, but YOU.
It is the most challenging journey, as there is no road to tread, no direction to follow…other than the whisper of your inner voice…

If you manage to keep alive, going through all the huge trials you encounter, – taking the battle, understanding what the Ego is about and  letting go of It -, you will Know beyond doubt, the bliss of home-coming.