It’s not healthy to uncritically adjust to a sick society

The problem with man today is that he loves so much his sickness – no wonder, disease is his safety – inasmuch as he not only repudiates Sanity, but violently thwarts it.

Wonderful world:

Unless you consent to be sick, you become a misfit.

That millions of people share the same forms of mental pathology does not make these people sane

“When you’re the only sane person, you look like the only insane person.”

“When the whole world is crazy, does it pay to be sane?”

Sanity is taken for insanity by the insane

Insanity is always democratic

For the insane, the sane man is a threatening abnormality.

Escaping from what we already know

Yes, she knew, yet she vehemently refused to admit she knew…She was afraid to confront and assume her own insight.

I made this observation some time ago.

So, this following quote by James Hollis is about the same thing:

“There is no escape from Knowing though much of contemporary Western culture is a flight from knowing what, inescapably, we already know.”

To put it plainly,

Is this perplexing cowardice or sheer insanity?

How crazy are we…?

Imagine that:
How would it be if instead of introducing myself to a new person I would say:

Hello, I am Crazy. Are you Crazy too?
We are all insane. Pascal once said: “Everybody is so crazy, so Normal is just another word for madness.”

This is unfortunately quite true. To quote a fellow blogger: “The truth is that we are all insane. That is a fact, everyone I know suffer from the disease of imagining that they are separate individuals”

For sure, people are very much in love with their specific insanity – separateness. It goes on at all levels – “my separateness is much more valuable than yours. Even my singular wretchedness is far more interesting than yours.”

You can see it everywhere. What is intriguing is this:

Can I see, realize and impartially admit…that indeed, I am crazy? Can you see that you are crazy?
How crazy are we, in fact?

The vital question is this: What if I am crazy without knowing it? And if I am…? Can I stay with my craziness, linger and look at it without prejudice, accept it both in myself and in others?…

There are many subtle or crass degrees of madness today. Its crass manifestations I can deal with, you can recognize it easily.
What scares me terribly is the kind of subtle and hard detectable craziness. That is dangerous. Wickedly unpredictable and treacherous.

You need almost to be endowed with laser sight in order to see through it.

Literally speaking, I have to admit that despite my presumably sharp and incisive intuition,
I have been fooled by this perfidious uncommon disease.

I have come to the point where despite my openness and vivid social interest, I HAVE BECOME DISTRUSTFUL OF PEOPLE, regardless of their high or low position in society – so badly it is.
At first they all seem sane, decent and normal. When you get to know them a little you may have the most striking surprises.

They seem normal and alas, you soon find out that was just a very honed facade. Behind this lurks sheer and totally incoherent madness. Fear of worst kind.

I will make my point. Some two weeks ago, I met quite an interesting girl who appeared to be fairly decent – to make it short – a seemingly nice person. We had a coffee, discussed about life-matters, we had a walk and I found out she was versed in art and painting. We spent a great moment together.

We were to meet again the coming Sunday. I sent her a text message. Here is the
texting conversation:

Me: Hello I am in town
She: I’m in the emergency room with a broken arm: I TRIED TO CYCLE WITH CLOSED EYES,
did not have enough confidence, I don´t know…
Me: Oh dear …
What are you up to really? Who do you want to challenge? Why would you punish yourself?

She: I do not punish myself BUT YOU… I want to get attention from a kind brother who cares. Fuck, you fucking brat, go to hell – there is huge sorrow inside of me, a vacuum,
I can´t stand to be mad at you anymore, want to show my love and care for you.
Me: Is this for me?
She: Yes it’s for you, I can not go around with this in me anymore.

I was dumbfounded after this…terrified actually. Shocked.
A 30-year-old girl cycling with closed eyes…
It is delirious…Is it frantic madness or what…? I meet her twice and she already wants to punish me…
Who can speculate what would have happened if I had continued to see her more…? Hard to imagine…

I saw her by chance some week ago. Her arm was bandaged. I asked her:
” What were those text messages about?”

“A…nothing special…” she replied almost not knowing what I was talking about. “Oh yes…those messages – I almost forgot. I felt like saying these things to my brother,
so I kind of chose to write to you instead……

This girl is now working in a kindergarten. Their parents are all too “busy” to realize what will happen to those kids.

I rest my case…

Choose differently

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

So it is insanity to continue with the same pattern of action, expecting different results.


It ‘s insanity to see what ‘s happening around the world and to pretend it doesn’t concern each one of us. The planet is revolting against the way we treat Life, our environment. How long are we going to play dumb and blind?