Let the “outside” rest a while

Listen from inside out


We live our lives in some kind of weird Limbo – we are neither “here” nor “there”. Our name is “In-between”…

We are not evil but we are not good either. No, it´s uncomfortable to take a real stand. To be there when the moment requires. To heed and observe…

No…when we are to have a serious discussion we think of whatever frivolities. When we have the chance to be frivolous and have fun, we become immediately self-righteous and very, very serious and judgemental.

When it is about getting answers we ask, and when we are to ask, we keep quiet. Not to mention that when it is about being quiet we shudder like a ghost in the headlights…

We are always “late” but early…

Never really here, never really there…this is our Fate:

Upside down and inside out.

Zen and the Mirror of All Encounters

Zen fools around with “language”  Do not take literally each word.  You really have to take the words you read apart, turn them upside down and inside out…that is Zen Mind.

Zen clears the mind of division.  IT tells us to look at everything and anything, including people, the actions of people as a dream…a delusion.  There is no inside or outside.  Inside and outside are part of the One.  Zen works a lot with deciphering language and feeling present moment as it is.  When we do not talk we can discern more clearly our self deceptions.  Who is the ONE watching?

It is the Universal One looking at itself.  Let us say it is the Mirror of All Encounters 🙂