The more lucidity the bigger the pain

Now, does it mean that lack of lucidity exempts that person from pain?…
Most likely – not…

Are we then cursed to live in sorrow?…Or can pain ever cease?
It can…but that requires on one hand perfect lucidity, and on the other, that
lucidity – i.e intelligence – needs to be irrevocably abandoned.

Long live the flaw

Perfectionism is another word for Stupidity.

Intelligence is always imperfect.

What is the State – commenting Paul´s post

It just kind of struck me now – the word State is the same as state… – as inner emotional condition.

So the State, is nothing but a sum of different twisted emotional and mental states…A sum of ubiquitous madness basically…

Can collective madness be counteracted …? I don´tknow…

What I know for sure though is that we can “counterfeel” it…:) We can counterstrike with great Love, great emotions, with great lucidity…embracing timeless Art and refulgent Beauty…


Let´s try!!

Discussion in a bar in Leros

Are you serious? the girl asked him.

His knowledge of English was scarce, like his intelligence. He answered her in a rather outraged manner:

I am not “Serious” I am Greek…

Intelligent stupidity

Almost everybody tries hard to be intelligent and brilliant.
Most of them end up though being immensely stupid and pathetically predictable.

Really, I don’t see any beauty or virtue in stupidity. Stupidity scares me as it is stingy, conceited and narcissistic, voracious, jealous and non-permissive, narrow-mindedly aggressive. Especially when it tries to be intelligent.

Stupidity is always un-giving. It’s only answer to life is taking. It consumes, perverts and disfigure everything it comes its way.
STUPIDITY ALWAYS FAKES, it is manipulative as it knows it is hollow and has nothing of its own.

Really, stupidity turns me off.


I don’ know whether I am stupid or bright, but I never try to be “intelligent”.

I feel a bit embarrassed and I ask to be excused but oftentimes I intended to pose this question:

Aren’t you ashamed to be so shamelessly stupid?…

Stupidity is unintelligently correct

To be intelligent is stupidly incorrect. 😀

Looking for her way…


What did you mean with “write”? …
Actually, I am trying out journalism right now, but I have my doubts if I am talented enough for it!


We both know that you see…that you have the rare ability to observe…So write about what you see,

Real “talent” is to be truthful to your feeling, to be direct and spontaneous…

Don´t hide anymore, just smile, use your intelligence and charm! Joy never fails…


Intelligence is the ability to grasp swiftly the secret, inconspicuous connection between things.

The  problem with stupid people is that they see no particular bond between the most mundane things.

Fear hates intelligence

Most of humans want “sure cards”- they all strive for security in every respect, but behind the pursuit of personal happiness and success, invariably lurks Fear. Chasing success and security is nothing but fear – now.

Fear and intelligence are each other’s opposites.

Broadly speaking, Fear hates intelligence. Feeling always threatened, fear is never comfortable, avoiding the nearness of intelligent people. So it is quite obvious, the fearful attract other “successful” fearful.

Communication implies honesty. To get to know someone involves also a risk. But a fearful person hates taking any kind of risk, and wanting always to play it safe, this person cannot be honest, as honesty would be interpreted as weakness and failure.

Now, what does all this mean in plain language? Well, it means that you can hardly make friends with people who are afraid.

I have to confess that I find it very hard sometimes to live in this society governed by fear and absence. It is at times lonely like hell – how can you be friends with someone running away from truth, avoiding whatever is natural, chasing “success”, that is, someone chasing nothing but lies…That´s how modern man “lives” life : avoiding his humanity.

I would like to communicate, to share ideas, to inspire and be inspired. But how can you share life when it is fear for life?

The truth is that there are very few persons who show a readiness to explore themselves, taking the trouble to find out who they are.


These are very rare, and there are the ones you can be friends with.

I needed to utter these words now, as I felt some weird loneliness tonight, realizing how few real people there are amongst humans…

Every second is new

Every situation is new  –
You lose all touch with what´s happening in the moment if  you expect  things to happen according to what you  know  – because all knowledge is relative (and in so far incorrect) because ” the relative ” illustrates life´s innermost essence – namely – irrational, incommensurable intelligence