Quoting Taisen Deshimaru

“Human evolution is a great problem. Our intelligence has increased enormously since the Middle Ages, BUT WHERE IS WISDOM?

What is evolution today? Our muscles are growing weak and our brains too. People are not progressing, even though their intelligence and knowledge are progressing.

Wisdom and intellectual learning are not the same. In everyday life, in conversations, most people think first and then answer; but very intelligent people use wisdom and do not think. They speak and answer through intuition. Book-learning is different from true knowledge, in time, one ceases using the brain to answer questions”

“When people think there is no activity, and you don´t feel any ki, any force of energy, when you watch them. WHEN YOU THINK, YOUR ACTION IS NEITHER STRONG NOR BEAUTIFUL. Pigeons don´t think and they are very beautiful. People in our age think too much and the result is that nobody is impressed.

Hence, when you think all the time you are not in a normal condition; it´s your imagination, your personal desires that are expressing themselves. You think more and more, you´re afraid, you grow anxious. And if it goes on too long, complications arise and even madness.”

“(When you realize) that our life is without permanent substance – then we are open to the dimensions of the cosmos, we can receive its energy and we can create. Open your hands and you will receive everything, even material things.”

I want to know what to look for

…he said. He went on:

“I want to understand. What to look for, what should I look for, and will I know when I find it? And most importantly – will I ever find it?”

I found his questions worthwhile and commented:

Is there a way leading to “Knowledge”? And if there is, can we look for it, can we discern it? Is knowledge discernible? Can we ever know something with precise certainty? Why is it so important “to know”…? When we want to understand – quite obvious – we don´t understand now…Why don´t we understand?… Do we really want to understand?… Because if we really wanted we would.

The thing is that we mostly don´t like to take the trouble to understand and so we search for control, for different certainties in order to allay our worries and concerns. So, in reality we see Knowledge as possession, a means to feel safe, and the search for safety means raising even more impenetrable walls around us.

So what is it really we look for? I look for something when I don´t have that particular thing now, pretty logic, right…?. But at the end of the day, what makes that “particular” thing so valuable…? Why do we think that value is something to be found in the future…?

What about taking a break from looking – at least for a little while. If you really wanna know and understand, learn to watch everything with no specific motive. Now…
Learn to follow whatever brings the moment, and in that inner freedom something happens. When you heed the moment, you may hear something… – a sudden intuition, a feeling, a subtle whisper…

Stop searching for a while and…listen! When you come down and listen – you will know…

Metaphoric intelligence

Life is both “real” and metaphoric. Every real thing can be considered a metaphor depending on the perspective you hold – so you could very well say that Life is its own metaphor.

In plain language:

Life is talking to us all the time, but mostly we are not aware of this, as It doesn´t speak in a “clear” rational way, but in a manner which transcends our daily apprehension.

With other words, IT TALKS THROUGH SIGNS! Accordingly, you have to acquire this “hard to get” ability to interpret signs.

Along with your perspicacity, you have to learn to rely on your intuition and your fantasy! It is indeed hard to decipher signs, as they many times baffle our common understanding.
For this purpose, you need a completely unbiased openness, but it is equally important to make use of your intellectual resources, cause otherwise, you can confound “higher realities” with cheap superstition. Many New-Age people are stuck in this misconception.

Caught as it is in the narrow cage of logic, it is highly difficult for the Western mind to comprehend what this openness is about. To be open and impartial is often confused by many with simple-mindedness.

This “simple-mindedness” is the key to see and recognize what is in front of you in plain form, but also the help required to grasp what is beyond form and yet existing.

As life is an ever-present process, you have to learn to listen and see things Now. Usually what you see, is just your projections dictated by your conditioning.
We have to acquire the great secret of watchfulness. ATTENTION, is the keyword for this unaccountable cooperation.

Your mind has to learn to be free and swift and “always prepared” in order to receive this ineffable information. This information may come in the most remarkable ways, in the midst of your “most banal” activities.

But as our perception is distorted, – the daily mind being caught in its mechanical habits and fatuity – we lack this ability to perceive and discern these delicate and unexpected messages, from gross meaningless occurrences.

Is it possible to renew our perception?

You can undergo this process through questioning your patterns of thinking, behaving, ultimately dis-identifying from your habits, from mental and emotional conditioning.


The tool to undertake this difficult task of breaking your conditioning is Watchfulness. Attention step by step.

You have to start watching yourself in everything you do, in all your “mundane” activities.

You have to learn the hard lesson of “being wrong”. If you continue to assert yourself and continue “to be right” – even if you have evidence for being right – you will go on with the same patterns of falsehood.

The saying “do you wanna be right or happy”, is a relevant standpoint.

Life is not predictable and doesn´t function within the range of logic, only Fear does. Questioning your habits, you let fear go.

When you do that, you understand spontaneously that Reality is not a fix, unchanging point. You begin to sense that this many-leveled reality, is not perceivable with our physical eyes, but with our soul and intuition.

You have to develop some kind of “mystical” common sense. To be anchored in the ground but with the head in the lofty clouds.

This is metaphorical intelligence – not the “either-or” attitude, but the simultaneous embracing of both “this and that.”

Life is a multifaceted ineffable process, which escapes prevalent approach. When you begin to be free from your current conditioning, you perceive everything differently; you come to terms and learn to juggle with this “new” levels of being, and this is the beginning of a life in beauty, dignity and great creative richness.