A token of gratefulness

We don´t know each other well. She owns the coffee shop I go to. She offered me a delicious coffee and juice for free the other day, and I felt like thanking her for her sweet generosity.

The moment she laid eyes on me, she asked: 

“What is it you have there?…”

This baffling feminine intuition. How could she know?… – She felt it was for her before I had a chance to even utter a word:
I had bought the most tasty cherries and she smiled pleased while I handed the bag to her. Her “thank you” sounded so winsome and so bashful somehow, as if is she was talking to the air…

Wondrous scene…Wondrous girl…


Puzzle of puzzles

Life is not something to be “known”… but intuited.

A conundrum to live, not a truth which deadens…

Watch out – either you outsmart them or…

I have met so many shams in this life…Such incredible con artists who mastered the art of deception with such flawless ability, that there was no way to see through them. In spite of my sharp intuition, I have all too many times been fooled and hoodwinked.

Really, the connection with these souls is fatal.

If you want to have a life, it´s imperative to outwit these swindlers. Easier said than done, as you almost need an otherworldly instinct to outsmart them. Nothing less than a divine instinct…

I know that I know, but don´t know what I know

With other words,

I know, but have neither words nor evidence for it.

I don´t know what I am “right” about…

Use your fingertips and your imagination for a change

It requires an incredible subtle and astute perception to face the ongoing
pulse, and find viable solutions to what is happening around us.

We have to have the courage to rid ourselves of what we know.
We can no longer apply outmoded patterns to what is presently happening.


We can´t use a hammer to play the piano. Or we can…if we are mad enough,
and unfortunately, 
that´s what we do, metaphorically speaking.

A young and arty girl I know, confessed to me that “I am having a hard time to stay
around people. I find society very immoral, it’s a pain for me.. I´m very sensitive to
energies… going out is just killing me.”

What advise can you give to such a soul? “Get a job, socialize, get a husband and kids…?”

That´s the answer society gives her. 

We constantly give the wrong answers to anything. Wrong answers to impending challenges
is sheer stupidity. Sloth. Appalling cowardice.

We are denigrating life with our absurd and distorted conduct.

Sticking to our obtuse models, we are depriving ourselves of a fair chance to grow.

Put off the god damn hammer and use your fingertips and your imagination for a change.

Stop chasing dreams with a gun machine!

None and both

It´s a hard one:
On one hand there is no such thing as “positive” and “negative”. And on the other hand both exist.

Like Love – it is both indiscriminately all-embracing but sharply discriminative as well.

We only have our common-sense and intuition to rely on when to be one thing or “the other”…

The conman and the napkin

You find yourself in a precarious situation sometimes…- vitally important things happen to you that others fail to notice – or if they notice, they bluntly disregard those inconspicuous details as mere “fantasy”…

“Don´t take things so seriously, you  ascribe too much importance to matters of no consequence”, they say.

But these matters of “no consequence” make a life in purpose or a life spent in despondent mediocrity. These very details are sometimes the difference between being dead or alive. Literally and metaphorically.

Those key details are simply overlooked or dismissed, being considered “a waste of time”.
So there you are all by yourself, sensing the gravity of your awkward and disconcerting situation, with no one around you can turn to…

You are on your own. YOU AND YOUR DESTINY.

So, I once knew this guy. He was smart and cheerful, a rather talkative person. Tall, imposing stature, elegant. Very charming. He had a penetrating, lively convincing voice. Seemingly so…- THERE WAS SOMETHING IN HIS LAUGH WHICH WAS FORCED, something spurious, disturbing, for the common ear, a hardly detectable dissonance of sorts.

“Maybe I make this up, it´s all in my head”, I thought.

He was working in a radio station, he had a rather interesting program with philosophical questions. Long story short: He wanted me to join him in this radio show, which I did. I collaborated with him for few months. Anyway, this broadcast showed to be a success. We even did a few very appreciated lectures together. We were to carry on and engage in different other projects.

Once we were in his car going somewhere. “Do you have a napkin?”, I asked him. “Of course, here…” he said THROWING ME A PACK OF NAPKINS.

Here is the point of my story: he threw this napkin to me in such a way that I was dumbfounded: in that simple gesture I could read so much recklessness, arrogance, contempt and terrifying callousness.
It was impossible to misinterpret – in a fraction of a second I got the clear message:
Behind his mannered, well-polished  mask, this guy was a treacherous, totally unreliable sham. A conman.

Let´s be honest, how many people would attach any importance to someone throwing a package of napkins?…

Luckily I was shrewd enough to take these inconspicuous warning signals seriously. Right after this incident, I began to look at him with totally dispassionate eyes, and realized that I had seen through him. His humanitarian projects, his interest to promote wisdom, to assist  and help people was nothing but hollow phrases. He would trample on corpses in order to fulfill his agenda.

The weird thing is that he was not an entirely bad man. But who knows – his destiny
in his present life is to be an impostor.

So I stopped the collaboration with him. Thanks God I have been gifted with this highly unlikely intuition:
One year after, this man started a construction company and soon after he bankrupted many of his associates. Finding himself with no cash, he managed to persuade a gullible young man I know – one of his broadcast listeners – to lend him 45.000 Euros with 50% interest.

Even to this day, the poor youngster hasn´t retrieved a cent back…

The moral:
LEARN TO “WASTE” YOUR TIME WITH MATTERS OF “NO CONSEQUENCE” – as there is the difference between the loser and the winner!