A great dialogue about the Unknown

All of us do only think. There’s no real knowing. To see the unknown is a great task. Not seeing seems to be much easier than seeing. It takes a lot of courage to see, since our society always urges us to wear some extremely dark sunglasses.

seeingwhatis answering:
To not know is a great task. Or no task. But no task is impossible for an individual to have. Knowing is mind. Still there is knowing, which is a miracle. Pure reflection of seeing what is. Second to knowing there is thinking of knowing, which is belief in form of doubt. When you see you see and apart from that you just exist without belief. To just exist as one with all you have to vanish completely, and then lose your perception. Still there will be a process, but no memory. No one to enlighten directly from that no-state.
You know if you know. Otherwise you think.

My answer:

Of course there is no knowledge in thought, as thought is mere projection of the fearful mind.

Let´s put it like this: The Unknown sees you, and when you allow to be seen, you see the seeing…This can happen only when mind is peaceful and “un-moving”- like the stillness of the lake mirroing the pure sky.

You see, that is very hard to swallow this, but what we call “society” is our own resistance and fear to abandon illusion.
Society as such, can exist ONLY within our inward illusion, society is indeed a sum of illusions, mine and yours…Once we start letting go of and seeing illusion as illusion, we can feel horrendous loneliness…as what is left…? We have built our whole life on a terrible misunderstanding…It hurts to fully realize that, it feels like we are left with nothing.

That´s why most humans don´t dare leaving the false, as the false connects and binds them.. This is their sense of security, being false but together… To face this utter loneliness requires huge courage as you start questioning the collective deception. As you know, if you deprive people of illusion they will react fiercely, feeling threatened…and consider you being odd, crazy or whatever…Generally they don´t like the individuals who go against the current.

Not fearing solitude is the beginning of the death of illusion, and then only,
The Unknown can make itself “known” to us.