The feminist war against Beauty and Passion

They refused her photos for that particular event saying that her photos were “sexist”….

“Honestly I can´t understand how…- because that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid. I don’t know what to say”, she confessed.

She went on:

What is wrong with Beauty, is beauty supposed to be feminist or something?
Do you have to look and behave like a man in order to be a real woman? I think that’s actually super patriarchal.

I answered her:

“Beauty  is boundless, it obeys no man-made limit or restriction. You owe them
nothing. Tell those narrow-minded morons who refused your photos, that feminism
is a cover for their blatant bigotry and stupidity.”

She replied:
“I don’t understand, women are beautiful creatures  – soft, positive and sensitive…
They have it all wrong…I cannot believe this. I consider myself a feminist because I keep al feminine traits in me, but I suppose these Official Feminists are having a totally different outlook on it.”

We may wonder what kind of fucked up world we live in, inasmuch as Beauty has to
fulfill the idiotic criteria of some empty-headed feminist imbeciles.

For the record, if you tell a woman here in Stockholm that she is beautiful, that is considered a terrible insolence…- that is not “feministically” correct.

Our wonderfully idiotic modern world…

That´s why we no longer have any real Art…because you are being penalized and harshly punished for feeling and expressing beauty. 

God damn it, is this fucking Middle Ages or what…?