My answer to Jane about “Meaning”

So…what is it that makes you feel MEANING?

Only when you live your personal meaning, are you able to see your fellow-man, to come near other people, instead of feeling threatened, creating a wall between you and them.

So again:

What is your meaning?…And having said this, WHO ARE YOU?


“Does having meaning in one’s life make one feel secure? Is having meaning a psychological wish to be something or other? Doesn’t our beliefs about who we are and what we do weigh us down? How can we be free of our acquisitions of the mind?”


“It is a good point you make.

“Meaning” has nothing to do with any kind of wish to realize or fulfill something.

Meaning in its most pristine form, is instant contact with Life and life-purpose THROUGH FEELING in the here and now. Feeling in this context would be “ineffable immediacy”.
You can´t possess something which cannot be possessed. Instead, you can be so open, so that intimate dialogue between you and life takes place like a delightful whisper. Like an innocent child´s play.

Out of the blue, it´s there, that blessed contact. It says something at first I don´t understand, somehow it has me express that particular joy in whatever means I have for the moment: writing, composing, talking to someone or God knows what…

It is such freedom and joy in this unspeakable communion so it can never be any question of “belief” here, something to weigh me down, oh no. It is some kind of “imponderable perception”. Out of this freedom I couldn´t ever impose something on anyone.

Meaning means readiness to feel, listen and act without attachment.”