Why are we trying to escape our innermost emotions?

I raise this question as I see countless times how people repress their emotions. Passion and genuine sentiment scares many. It is uncomfortable to feel, and through oppressing our feelings we put down the voice of our conscience. Consequently, we have this unspeakably reckless, shallow and prosaic world.

The soul expresses itself through emotion. Ultimately speaking,
TO FEEL IS THE ULTIMATE MEANING IN LIFE. If we refuse to feel, it means that we don´t really want to live. It sounds far-fetched, but this is our present reality.

I take it again:


Have you ever wondered why hysteria is taken for music, kitsch instead of art, why don´t we have great artists anymore? Because of this morbid fact that we consider great emotions uncomfortable and dispensable. We flee, constantly suffocating our inner life, unwilling to hear the voice of our conscience, as conscience talks through feeling. It is indeed tabu to recognize and approve our innermost emotions.

Noble and deep emotion is the attribute of real humanity. Trying to escape
emotion, – implicitly, our conscience – , we become some kind of subhuman nil. A pitiful, disoriented entity fumbling around.

Poor taste is symptomatic

You hear people speak pompously about God, faith, spirituality and their aesthetic taste is so dreadfully poor. Kitsch is taken for Art and real music.
Now if their taste is so low, you may wonder what Divine is in their perception…

That´s for sure, I would be very hesitant to partake in their idea of God.