…is identification with what is repeatable…derivable.
With the deadly foreseeable.

Knowledge is a fucking jinx

Knowledge is a fucking jinx.


An insult to aliveness.

Can there be a knowledge which no longer reiterates the past?

The problem with knowledge is that “to know” is synonym with “accumulation” of dead facts. With experience. Experience which is always old – a constant reiteration of the past.

You think you´ve seen it, tasted it, lived it, understood it. You´ve seen in fact nothing, as you are constantly biased. Being invariably caught in lifeless images. In obsolete patterns.

Knowledge is the answer of you conditioning, meaning that the more you know, the more conditioned, stuffed, sufficient, arrogant and life-alienated you become. You are conforming to a lifeless past which virtually destroys and devours everything alive. Life is always new and pristine but your conformity and knowledge kills everything around you.

What is nauseating, is that behind knowledge hides your fear, insecurity, insensitivity.

You are a slave to what you think you know. You see nothing, you hear nothing, disregard everything alive. “New” is only a nonsensical word for you. A mad repetition of something bland, tasteless and idiotically subjective.

What I am really wondering here is whether we can discover a “knowledge” which no longer is tributary to and no longer conforms with the past; a knowledge which is to be found in the fathomless non-reportable silence of each moment…