In the utmost Encounter, there is no Support

We are urged to question and deconstruct all dogmas, if we are to find the Vivid Breath which baffles and is beyond all knowledge.

How can any book tell us what is going on in any moment?

There are no maps.

No pointers either… – even if certain more or less trustworthy sources claim that.

The hardest thing is thus to expose yourself to un-knowing. Cause only in the cessation of whatever cognition, there is renewal and self-knowledge. And seemingly, that´s the hardest task for man to undertake.

Innocence has no mind

Mystery has no fathomable structure

Mystery is unintelligible to experience.

You come to a point when you realize that whatever you choose, is the wrong choice. That because you can choose only between the things you know.

Choice can only choose Death, because everything “known” – experience – is dead.

Choice can thus never choose life, as life is eternally unknown, and what is unknown can neither be summed up nor divided.

To know the world is to kill the world

“Their understanding is inertially biased.”

Humans have an addiction for systems because we seek control, and fear chaos.

We have been trying to understand the world in a systematic way for a long time – we have picked up some bad habits that are now deeply ingrained. But the world is not reducible in this way, and life is not something that can be dominated by “rational intellect.” Or, if it were possible to explain the world in a systematic way, to achieve this would be an unparalleled tragedy.

Systematize something and you make it into a machine. Machines are not alive.

To know the world is to kill the world, for unpredictability is an essential element of all that lives.

– David Fryer

How do you find the why of you being here

We turn everything  into “concepts” because we are terribly scared of directly facing the unknown, which is the True Reality.

Trying to discover our true vocation – or anything vital – through the mind, bring us nowhere. Mind is a trap as it can only function at the level of comparison and repetition, enhancing eventually your confusion and frustration. The thing is not what another can or cannot do, but WHAT YOU CAN DO…- how YOU can come into terms with your true potential. And your true potential is not to be found at the level of thoughts and reasoning concepts, but on a deeper level, something which transcends “mundane” knowledge, but at the same time is very spontaneous. We can delve…or not.

As we basically fear to question the “known”, we remain stuck in the same humdrum experience of life.

But only through immediate apprehension, only through knowing yourself in direct experience – which means the cessation of knowledge, the death of the established fact – can you find the real answer to anything essential, that vital answer as to your personal call in life…-the why of you being here…

The Unknown is the healthy choice…unless it isn´t…

There is no out there, out there

“The visual world, what we see, is an illusion, but then a very sophisticated one. There are no colours, no tones, no constancy in the “real” world, it is all something we make up. We do so for good reasons and with great survival value. Because colors, tones and constancy are expressions of how we correlate with the world.”

“What we percieve as being outside of us is indeed a fancy and elegant projection of what we have inside. We do make this projection as as result of interacting with something not inside, but everything we experience is inside.”

“What really changes is they way we see things, the way we experience everything. For anything to change out there you have to change everything in here. That is the epistemological situation. All spiritual traditions have been talking about it. But now it grows from the epistemology of quantum physics to neurobiology.”

“There is no out there out there. It is in here. There is no in here in here. It is out there. The outside is in here. Who is there?

That laughter will change everything.”

 – Tor Nörretranders