What are we? Why are we here after all?

It’s actually a necessary hell to ask impossible questions…Yet, the whole point is to realize the blatant inappropriateness of human logic, and in due time, gradually experience the incredible relief and ease of not pondering anymore…

“In due time”? I beg to differ. ALL time is in the now. Change is instantaneous.


There is time – there is no time. There is a process of becoming – there is no process and no becoming.

To be concrete: Let´s say you want to play Rachmaninoff´s third piano concerto and you have never played the piano before. Albeit that time is always in the now, you will still need years to develop the skill which matches the difficulty of that piece.
The same with inner resistance or the inappropriateness of human logic: of course it can happen instantly, but despite that linearity and growth is a dream, it is a nevertheless a gradual process. For the record, let´s ask a Zen master, as to why he gives impossible questions – koans – to his disciples…

Perfect nonsensical sense

What is the difference between a sunset?…

No standpoint – a koan for you

For the ones who don´t know:

koan is a special kind of Zen riddle.

Koans are not to be solved with the mundane, limited logical mind, they are meant to suspend the intellect, to put it in a state of vacuum, out of which the secret totality of life can emerge. A koan is indeed an opportunity to look deeply into one´s real nature, and “think” without thinking.

So let us consider this:

Your standpoint makes your perspective. My question to you is:



Don´t bother to understand, and so you might have a chance to understand

“What are you writing there?”
She kind of appeared from nowhere. She was sitting next to me at the cafe I usually go to. She was elegant and charismatic. A charming girl. She was friendly, strikingly familiar although we never talked before.

I showed her my note-book. “But I don´t understand a thing”, she said rather disappointed.
“It´s good you don´t understand”, I answered smiling. “You see, everybody tries hard to know and understand, and most of them end up understanding nothing…”

“That’s really wise”, she burst out. Her eyes confirmed she heard my words. So I SAY TO YOU what I told her:

“Don´t bother to understand, and so you might have a chance to understand…”

There is
There is not

There neither is, nor there is not

There is is not,
there is Is

There is
there is not.