Can we ever grasp the inconceivable?

“Perception” is the inevitable result of all our yesterdays, of our sorrows and failures, of our creeds, all in all, of our amort experience based on biased belief.

Our name is Conditioning.

How can we trust our perception?

How can we thus trust language, since every word awakens a false projection? A mere image, based on a past experience?…

What is Unity afer all?…Or, better yet – what isn´t?

For sure, Unity is not a sum of things. Of loose fragments coming together. No matter how subtle our wording, Unity cannot be inferred linguistically. Or intellectually. With our cognitive instruments, It cannot be wielded.

Therefore, there is no path leading to It…as Unity is not a destination, not an aim. It is beyond projection, beyond choice… It simply cannot be found within the realm of duality: the seeker versus the found…

If we are to know what Unity is, we have to have he guts to question and examine in-depth our warped perception, from which our Knowledge has arisen.

As yet, we don´t have a metalanguage to convey the inconceivable.

But if we have the courage to rid ourselves of and die to all concepts and perverted names, we might just as well hear this wondrous Music behind all music.

The warfare’s psychic now

 Whoever controls the language, the images, controls the race.

– Allen Ginsberg