Let all illusions die

All these long years of reading and thoroughly studying books:
Dostoyevsky, Hermann Hesse, Law of attraction, self-help, positive thinking, Dante Alighieri, Homer…Western and Eastern philosophy, you name it… To no avail.

In hindsight, even the so-called sacred books showed to be useless too. Nothing seemed to help. Not even prayer.

The absence was compact. The Sky was ruthless in its silence.

Lately I have finally understood:


I was totally on my own. With nothing to go after. I had only my intuition and gut-feeling to rely on. Only my readiness to examine.

I had to accept and be fully responsible in this fearful loneliness. Fully being aware that there is no one to turn to.

Who to ask, when most of them either give you ready-made answers, or plainly deceive themselves and flee…?

So…Know that there are no answers to get anywhere. There are no saviours
to back us.

There is only the realization of this state of affairs: Each has to confront his loneliness.

No matter if you have 5 wifes and 10 kids, whatever you do, wherever you are, you are on you own.


They say we are born lonely and die lonely. Bad news:


This is the hardest insight to accept. But the only true.

Only daring to realize this painful predicament, you become real, and assume the greatest task:


Joakim´s commenting whether Change is possible

Deliberate change is not possible.

Where there is a wish, it will not be fulfilled.

You have to actually be the change itself.
Being the change means not being you.

But the change will not have a direction if you don’t direct it. So the change will actually not be a change, but just a happening, an expression of the actual state of the existing (what is).

So you can be that change by seeing what is, but you can never actually become
“what is” by choice, though it may appear like that to you or to others.
The action or happening comes before the thought, but the mind always claims credit for every thought or action with some potential value.
By this I mean that if you think you can change things the way you want them to, this change has probably already started to take place.

So, in this way… the law of attraction works, but not as an effect of any action or thought deliberately made by any self.
There are no deliberate thoughts actually. I think we pay too much attention to our attention, our being “aware” is never equal to “what is”, but merely “one illusion at a time”…

A vital question


Your readiness to look within

Do we create our life, or is it just a cheap slogan used by smart people to make big money selling you the recipe of “success”?

One thing is for sure: as long as we refuse to explore, confront and understand wholeheartedly our real problems, what else can we create other than more conflict, frustration and tribulations?

Now, all these well-known books, like the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks and others, claim to teach the know-how of success, money-making and well-being. They have some value, sometimes you can get a piece of very pragmatic information.

However, they don´t have a clue, when it comes to the most vital issue: how can we understand, confront and overcome our problems, in order to be free from all conditioning imposed on us for centuries, even millenia?

Their answer,” find a better feeling, move towards a better vibration”, is in reality nothing  but oversimplifying rubbish.

The question is utterly complex :

How do we deal with the excruciating pain in our souls that has been there for generations? How can we heal from the conditioning inherited from our mothers milk, that poisons and deform life?

The thing is that we don´t create our life, it is most often the conditioning and suffering within us that create the life we all know it.

C.G.Jung pointed out very well: “It is not that we have certain complexes, it´s rather that the complexes have us”.

You can imagine the amount of courage and boldness you need as an individual to confront these blind, obscure and impersonal forces deriving from the collective unconscious…

Dante had Virgil as a guide through hell…

What about us…? Is there someone to help us heal, guide and be with us through this vast inner darkness, someone like Ariadne to “save us” with the golden thread from this wicked labyrinth?

Yes, there is. The cosmic drama is the same, archetypes as perennial, albeit the fact that we live in this age.

First, we have to learn the hard lesson of inaction – that is, to fully realize that whatever action we take being caught in darkness, is of no avail.
Secondly, we have to understand that protecting our lies and false sense of security, is no longer a valid option.

Help  won´t come from books, knowledge, or whatever authority, it will come in the most unexpected ways…It will come when we have learned the lesson of alert passivity.

Your readiness to delve into the deep waters of your soul, will open your eyes, it will strengthen your intuition, eventually, you will learn to see differently and discern…

Freedom has no model, and once you dare grasping  that, you can start creating great things.