Silence makes the story

Many musicians simply get stuck in tones.
They don´t listen.

Writers fall victim to their verbal skill.
They don´t follow.

It is the power of Silence which makes the Music
worthwhile…- the Story alive.

Let´s hear each other.

Let´s follow the Story.

Learn to bow

I hear you, you hear me, we hopefully hear and back each other in further “grasping”
the ungraspable…This is the precious gift of real communication.

Intellectually we can speak of thirst or hunger but it makes no difference…

We have to learn to bow…
Bowing before one another, bowing before Life…only then we can drink
directly from the Source.

Only then can we know what quenching Thirst is about. 

Let the living Source be our real goal.

I want to know what to look for

…he said. He went on:

“I want to understand. What to look for, what should I look for, and will I know when I find it? And most importantly – will I ever find it?”

I found his questions worthwhile and commented:

Is there a way leading to “Knowledge”? And if there is, can we look for it, can we discern it? Is knowledge discernible? Can we ever know something with precise certainty? Why is it so important “to know”…? When we want to understand – quite obvious – we don´t understand now…Why don´t we understand?… Do we really want to understand?… Because if we really wanted we would.

The thing is that we mostly don´t like to take the trouble to understand and so we search for control, for different certainties in order to allay our worries and concerns. So, in reality we see Knowledge as possession, a means to feel safe, and the search for safety means raising even more impenetrable walls around us.

So what is it really we look for? I look for something when I don´t have that particular thing now, pretty logic, right…?. But at the end of the day, what makes that “particular” thing so valuable…? Why do we think that value is something to be found in the future…?

What about taking a break from looking – at least for a little while. If you really wanna know and understand, learn to watch everything with no specific motive. Now…
Learn to follow whatever brings the moment, and in that inner freedom something happens. When you heed the moment, you may hear something… – a sudden intuition, a feeling, a subtle whisper…

Stop searching for a while and…listen! When you come down and listen – you will know…

Communicate for real

All words are meaningless really, except those words said in love…

I do not expect that my words will sooth your loss – or mine, for that matter too. But sometimes being heard, and start communicating for real, can make a huge difference.

An encounter with myself and with three footbal players

Some ten days ago, I was out, walking around aimlessly, observing people. I was feeling great, it was the kind of ease and deep satisfaction after having had a great dialogue earlier with a friend from America.

A guy with an amiable smile approached, he asked me where cafe Bea was, I had never heard of that place.

He had no address either to the place so I couldn´t help him. I had a vague feeling, he would have wanted to talk to me, he somehow was looking for contact. Anyway, he thanked and left.

I was smiling inside of me that evening, I was in deep harmony, feeling unspeakable gratefulness for having made it to this point in my life.

I had to celebrate this feeling. I went to a nice place, ordering a glass of champagne. I was sitting there, looking to everything through the eyes of this imponderable joy.

I was writing and making sketches of the people around me. At some point, three guys came and sat next to me. It was rather clear that they were attracted to my presence and wanted to talk.

One of them, was the guy who 15 minutes earlier had asked me about that cafe. Imagine that…
He had a sincere wish –  it happened. Now he had the chance to talk to me. And talk, we did. 🙂

They were soccer players from a town in Northern Sweden. They were interested to find out what I was drawing, they were curious to find out things about me…Isn´t it funny, when you don´t look, company comes after you…
To make it short, we talked about life, about being present and see opportunities and grab them, all in all, I was pleased to find out that you could have a more interesting discussion with football players than with fellow artists. 🙂 The boy I had met earlier was the way I thought: friendly, amiable, sensitive, open to learn.

The second one looked more like a rock or classical musician than a soccer player. He was reticent but listened interested. He wanted to learn to play guitar, he admitted. “Isn´t it too late…?” he asked timidly.
“Late for who…?” I answered jokingly. “Just get a guitar and see how it feels, it is all that simple. Musical expression is never “late.”

 The third one was their boss. He was their coach. He was steering the discussion. He was so eager to talk to me, so instead of listening, he was talking rather incessantly. Leaving, I gave him my visit card. “What a great name you have, Julien Matei, it sounds magic. I wish I had a name like yours.” said the coach. “NEVER EVER COMPARE YOURSELF!” – I told him saying good-bye with a smile.

Two days ago, I was sitting at my usual café.

“Hello, how are you?” I stood up, greeting him, shaking his hand. It was “THE NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF”, the coach. “You remember me”, he said surprised, shining, very pleased and proud that I recognized him. “Well, of course I remember you!

“DO YOU REMEMBER YOURSELF?”, I felt like asking him, but didn´t – it would have been too much for him to put up with…

A good one

The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT

Alfred Brendel – pianist

Someone I know – a rather interesting entrepreneur, a visionary who for that matter has built incredible wealth with his bare mind and hands – told me once:

You know why people seldom learn anything? Because they never learn the secret of being silent and listen.