Learning should be allied to goodness

Intellectual capacity is not always found associated with ethics and moral character.

Darragh McCurragh:
However, is learning not also the path to gain an insight into morals? So without a binding curriculum, which would mean the end of intellectual freedom, and thus a rigorous sequence of what to learn when, morals/ethics cannot be drummed into a person. And since everyone learns everything at different speeds, some never learn about nuclear physics, others never about morals.

Nuclear physics without a healthy counterpart in morals has created the
atomic bomb – it is pretty obvious…

Unfortunately – learning as it is taught today, not only that it doesn´t comprise, but almost excludes a wholesome insight into ethics…

Of course, no true morals – and for that matter, nothing of value – can ever be “drummed” into anyone, but rather instilled…Inspired. Etymologically, education means to awaken the student from inside out…

This may sound utopian, but education should alongside with the process of learning concomitantly deal with ethics and overarching human values.

And the school system should implement this insight soon, if we want to stand a chance to veritable progress.

When Thought and Knowledge are suspended, Love smiles


Last night I had a dream which wasn’t a dream. I woke up in the middle of the night. Everything was silent. While I tried to fall asleep again, I started a slight meditation. Just observing my breathing. Somehow the word “love” was entering my mind and it wouldn’t leave. It was so particular present that I stopped to watch my breath and concentrated on this word instead. It came to me that my face began to smile more and more. I couldn’t stop it … and I didn’t want to as well. My whole body was full of peace and inner joy.

Have You ever had an experience like that?

Those moments come usually at night. I find myself not knowing anything any longer, it feels as if Knowledge and Thought are suspended…Only that unnameable Presence whispers, everything else has withered…

Very well put…as usual. I really appreciate that. But what I appreciate even more is the content of what
you’re saying. I think I could get addicted to that kind of experience. And when I think of it right now I can resume this feeling. Not as intensive as it was then, but it is still there. Julien, can you create this feeling on purpose? If so: how do you do it?

Above all, whose purpose are we talking about…? Who wants to feel well and secure…? Give it a real thought, or give it no thought at all… – I think you know the answer…

Look what our friend Krishnamurti says:

“The ‘how’ to keep the mind pliable is not the problem; the ‘how’ is the search for a method, and method can never make the mind innocent; it can make it methodical, but never innocent, creative.”

The secret to your question lies in un-creativeness.
That´s the hardest part: to “learn” to un-create.

It is not a linear process, it is not a “task”, a skill to learn…

It is about recognizing Attention in inattention…I am not playing with sophisticated words or parables…
It is about this very Second now… – learning to un-know…It is not about deliberateness, thesis or antithesis, effort or non effort. If I was to use words, it´s like we have to learn how to empty the mind Now, to learn to die each and every moment.

When you die to concept, thought, desire and deliberateness, The Second arises in all its depth and innoncent beauty.
This unnamable second is like a breath…boundless but never recurring…as it is eternally new…It is neither easy nor complicated – IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to know it rationally…

So how can we learn to deal with the Impossible…? That´s the hardest question…

A comment I made

The more we know, the bigger the morons we become.

As long as “knowing” doesn´t take into account Being, as long as the process of learning
doesn´t help us find out Who we are, we are naught but pathetic parrots.

School should teach basic human common sense. It would be better if we were taught how to cook a soup, iron a shirt or chat up a nice girl…

All the rest comes naturally when we are in touch with basic reality…

A dialogue between Mrprose and me

He says:

We do support each other, and eventually I think we create networks of support that we may rely on. As for feeling, yes, it is a part, but one that may come with a bit of time. I know that I have not yet learned to truly feel. It’s a process to discover.

My answer:

I was thinking of thatnot too: we create networks of support that we may rely on. It is a real priority as most people today, – especially the young generation – are utterly confused as there is no one to guide when it comes to what Real Living is about… Many are in deep pain, and due to the fact that the ones who are supposed to give guidance – parents, teachers, psychologists, etc. – are also afraid, they cannot therefore give the right support. There is basically no one there to turn to…

That is why I asked you whether you ponder on talking in schools.

Please listen carefully:

You don´t learn to be hungry or thirsty. It ´s the same with feelings.
Thus, YOU CANNOT LEARN TO FEEL…you feel, feeling is spontaneous, implicit, a concrete reality insofar as everything around is the outcome of our inner emotional state.

The problem is that this present age is afraid of – and discards real feeling, tacitly preventing us from our embracing our greatest treasure: EMOTION.

Everything boils down to this – Emotion…
I said innumerable times – LIFE IS EMOTION.

Emotion is the right answer to life. Meaning, self-worth, gratitude, creativity, all great things are the outcome of emotion. Unlike what you heard, it´s Emotion which is the real power behind shining intelligence.

So I tell you again: you cannot learn to breath – you cannot breath tomorrow, can you…? 🙂
The same goes for feeling…Feel, feel and feel…Feel the necessity of feeling. Feel even if what you feel can be unpleasant.

Life is ultimately a Mystery to feel, not an intellectual procedure.

What you need to observe though is the fear invested in your feelings, understand it and gradually rid yourself of it.

Un-live and un-learn

The old saying “Live and learn” is probably good.
The opposite though – un-live and un-learn – is equally essential, if not, more essential.

In order to learn something new, we have to realize the necessity of letting go of the known.

Sometimes we come to a point – as I have done lately – where we have to put a conscious stop to old conditionings…

The old personality stems from complexes which we have inherited since times immemorial, which call themselves “I”. It is not a pleasant process to let go of old reflexes and habits, as this is our identity so far…It can be quite an agonizing experience in fact…

Before renewal, the false personality with its complexes must die – which is a harsh thing to undergo, as this process is similar to an end, and it is quite similar to death.

Transformation is for sure the ending of certain age-old life-principles. Our “mundane” personality fears the unknown, it is quite obvious, our false ego doesn´t want to give in, wanting to continue its daft performance.

However, these blunt dissonances, – the legacy of our past – , have to be seen as the ego´s desperate attempt to inhibit change. We have to have the strength to recognize this as such, let it go and show are readiness to go along with the New, even if “new” doesn´t have a clear body… – yet…