No belief – no distress

We suffer over beliefs which are so firmly fixed, yet eventually, at a closer dispassionate look, one realizes they are based on nothing.


Everything you always long for is just a fragrance away

A breath away…

In all likelihood, this is going to be interpreted as a “nice” or
“poetically extravagant” statement.

Bad news for those who read extravagance in this:

It´s the overwhelmingly simple and overarching Truth.


If you want to know it all

“Once you stop learning, you start dying”…says Einstein.

I say:

Stop learning, and start purposely “dying” – and you´ll know…

This Taoist saying sustains my words:

“The scholar learns something every day
The sage unlearns something every day.”

Get out of your mind into who you really are

– I am empty, claims the apprentice.
– Throw it…the zen master grumbles undisturbed…

The disciple replies:

– What shall I throw, I have no Mind… to which the Master retorts:
– Throw away your idea of having No Mind.

And you won´t know what to say…

I have gone through a rather turbulent period lately – this insidious Wasteland is abusively but subtly perverting everything, constantly stealing and depriving me of my force and energy, so lately, I have been very confused, no longer knowing where I am heading.

So earlier today, sitting in a cafe, I kind of heard within this voice saying clearly,
“I am the one with no past or future, I am movement without moving…”

At first I didn´t quite understand the significance of these words in that particular moment.

There were other things being “said” inside of me at the same time, but I was kind of short of words….
I felt I knew, but I didn´t know how to put it, I didn´t know what to say

Some moments later, I happened to read GENDUN RINPOCHE´S words, and lo!…these were the words that I felt earlier, but couldn´t utter myself !!

What an incredible serendipity. Such epiphany in the midst of my sadness. It felt that the post was almost written for me.

Here it is:

“Let go of what has passed.

Let go of what may come.

Let go of what is happening now

Don´t try to figure anything out

Don´t try to make anything happen

Relax, right now and rest.”


“Leave this mind of yours

in its natural state where there is nothing artificial.

In this state, seeing a thought move,

rest on it, relaxed.

No attachment to stability

no fear of movement,

aware that there is no difference

between stability and movement,

mind arising from mind.

In this state, where there is no grasping, no attachment,

rest natural and relaxed.

In this state, natural reality itself,

the essence of your own mind,

primordial awareness, empty clarity

will arise… and you won’t know what to say.

In this state you will settle, suspended and relaxed.

Without grasping at the stability as something,

naturally in place, naturally free ;

without seizing on or rejecting the mind’s productions,

please settle… THERE.”

Don´t think Reality – be it!

Reality irrevocably transcends thought.

Subsequently, The Real doesn´t need to be considered intellectually,
the real requires to be acted upon.

Reality is Whole. Thought is fragmentation. What is fragmented fails to
grasp the whole.

Usually we dissociate Wording from Acting, and in so doing we indulge
in confusion and bigotry.
We kind of create an insuperable wall between us and Life.


The arrow hitting the target doesn´t hesitate. We do.

We kind of turn our whole life into an idle process of thinking and postponing.
No wonder our actions are tepid and meaningless.

Reality, being real IN REALITY, is the target. You don´t choose the target.
Reality chooses you when you let go of thinking and measuring.

Heed and trust its call!

If you want to know, you have to even let go of your yearning

My process has been one of realizing that my deepest yearning is to deepen my experience from moment to moment of what I (and many others) call the NOW. This space of the NOW, for me, has the meaning of entering each new moment in this mysterious life with an untouched direct perception, not tinged by past experiences, be they pleasant or painful. It also means to not waver from this immersion in this NOW and entertain mental images about what we call the “future”.

What many people call “now” is oftentimes another illusion.
NOW has nothing to do with “yearning”, “deepening” or “experience”.
The hardest one is that if we yearn, we will have even more yearning but not the object of yearning…
Now is inconsistent as It exists in non-existing.

It is like trying to seize a dream. How can we then long for something non-existent?

Can experience ever know anything about something which is totally unknown,
outside its “tinged” range of perception?

When we become immediately aware of this subtle insight, only then
What Is Beyond Dream can make Itself known.