Absence is our abode

If I am to sum up the whole problem of this age in a single word,
that word would be ABSENCE.

Absence of a presence – as someone very well put it.

Absence is the suspension of any conceivable Value,
as Value resides in Presence.

Crassly speaking, Nothing Real is being created today,
as Presence is simply a word in the dictionary;
we have no idea any longer what it entails.

Wherever you go,
you sense this corrosive state of non-existence with all its derivatives:

Boredom, lethargy, cynicism, greed, theft, moral shortage,
dissimulation, sloth, futility and loneliness.

The prison of our ideas

We are the victims or our habits, living in the prison of our misconceptions. We suspect something is completely wrong with our myths and ideas,
but our sloth, lethargy and fear of losing the familiar comfort, prevent us from assessing another way of living.

We want different results continuing with the same pattern of action. We fail to recognize that doing the same thing, desiring to get different results, is the perfect description of madness.