Sublime occurence

This insight literally woke me up, namely that I have come to the point that questions harm and prevent me from a healthy and genuine self-love.

That´s what I was referring to when earlier this morning I wrote that “Posing appropriate questions is vital. Yet it comes a moment when you realize that authentic self-love entails letting go of all questions.”

Indeed, in order to gain equanimity and peace, I have to literally stop questioning myself. Questions keep me stuck in unrest, and literally disturb the ongoing natural process within.

Now, given that what I write comes from a place inside me which is beyond my intellectual reach, makes me rather diffident as to the truth of “my” own words.

But Life has its unfathomable ways to remind you that you are on the right track. A fellow blogger wrote in his post today something very similar:

The point is not to answer questions, but to shatter them.

We had, more or less, written the same thing!

That he was unfolding the same train of thought, is highly reassuring; after all, it shows that I am not deluding myself with interesting but inane sophistry.

If you understand that you understand nothing, you may understand it all