Such baffling conundrum

Irrespective of your purely unselfish wish, and no matter how much you´re willing, it´s wasted time and energy to try to help and liberate “another”. It simply won´t work.

You are the whole of humanity, and in light of this truth, if you help yourself, you help everybody without even attempting to.

Real money is flow and motivation – an answer to Richard

You see Richard I am not flirting with Busy, I am really flirting with Truth here on Mirrors of Encounters. 🙂
Only truth strengthens us:
To speak honestly from the heart is the purpose of me writing here. Conversation about these life-matters are unspeakably vital. Many people resign often cause they are short of real conversations.

Finding yourself is value. Liberation. Sense. That kind of sense that money only, never can buy…
Everything is so new, so sometimes I am overwhelmed by not being able to really grasp the newness of it all… This “New Truth” has turned me upside down.

But the great thing is that I´ve never before felt so unshakably certain, joyful and anchored.
Grateful and focused. Motivated.
Real money is Energy, Flow and Motivation. Clarity! Lightness of being. MONEY CANNOT BE DISSOCIATED FROM SENSE. And alas, that´s what happens in society today: Money is compensation for lack of sense…This paradigm has to change.

I don´t have a “method” as to how it goes practically, but I know money will pour – once you are centered in a new swifter perception.

In a way we are like Columbus, not seeing yet the shore BUT KNOWING IT IS THERE. We are still on the unknown waters so every single movement matters.