Quite so

It´s hard to accept the truth when the lies
were exactly what you wanted to hear.

What entails a true relation?

Life is relation – that´s why we ascribe Interaction incredible value. 

Relation is important inasmuch as we always search to be completed by
something…or someone outside us.

It is normal, that´s what we have been taught: To search for meaning
in relation with things and people outside us. To search for approval. 
To define ourselves and find fulfillment through others.

But what happens if the other fails to have a real and genuine relation to himself?
How can a person living in falsehood and illusion see and approve of you?
What can a person living in delusion do other than letting both himself
and you down?…

Not having a genuine relation to themselves, people indulge in hypocrisy and lying,
in order to hide their
 shame and guilt.

They live in constant distance to everything, using all resources in this hopeless specific undertaking to conceal their shame and guilt. No wonder they are so stressed.

Yes, most people are like shards. How can a shard be ment by another shard?
How do you expect to see the Real You whilst you look through a
broken window?…

Looking outside for meaningful relation is looking into the Mirror of Fear. 

That being said, what about if

What does this “right relation to yourself” entail?

It presupposes to have confronted  and “done away” with Fear within you, with false expectation. To have clearly understood that outward relation never compensates your insecurity, your sense of incompleteness, your apartness. In fact, the most difficult thing to get is that as long as there is fear of yourself, no real relation can be built up. Trying to escape fear enhances fear. Escaping fear breeds lying and hypocrisy.

To see beyond the illusion of fleeing yourself in outward relation
requires great courage. Great responsibility. 

To stop searching yourself in the other, is to do away with sorrow, regret and unfulfillment.

Then and only then True Relation and Meaningful Interaction is possible.

Question everything

These are some fragments from oneworldrising.wordpress.com

We have to begin to think again! Question EVERYTHING! Do not believe blindly in what you are being told.  If you take the time to read alternative news you will see for yourself the lies you are being fed everyday, but nobody questions them.

My point here is to look back over our lives to date and see how most of us lived our lives because of lies we were believing and being influenced by. We have not been allowed to live our lives as we truly should be living them. It is just a matter of waking up and researching for ourselves and to stop believing all that we are being programmed to believe! The truth is there to be found if one just makes the effort to look. If you can see the lie of heaven and hell and the corruption of religion, hopefully you will be able to understand the rest of the illusion and you will begin to see for yourselves what is going on. Once you see it, you see it! It is like the chemtrail lines in the sky, once you see them for yourselves you begin to see them everywhere you go and the denial ends. The same is true for the lies choking the life out of us, once you see them there is no turning back and you will see them everywhere as well and ask yourself, how could I have not seen this? Open your eyes and have courage!

The pressure of conforming to current lies

Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say and articulate, and yet something within me stops me … preventing and thwarting me, like stealing my words, as if threatening me to constantly keep a low profile, never saying the truth…

Maybe it has to do with the fact that all my life I was tacitly told to obey “the natural course” and keep my mouth shut, and I have internalized this permanent ban in order to survive among these liars…

I have frustrated my natural impulse to express myself naturally and unimpeded, making a habit of not being permissive with myself, not allowing myself to behave and act naturally.

Damn it, this curse is about to end!

A good one

You are weak when you lie because you aren’t strong enough to face the truth.

A sad truth

Everything is under constant change. Only people´s lies remain the same.