Sacrifice the grey for vivid colours!

Enough with witless and compliant academic morons who know nothing about life and living, who have misled us into listless cowardice.

We are in urgent need of visionaries, of inspired poets, of fearless trouble-makers – the ones who help us retrieve our dignity, courage and lofty dreams.

The most ardent conundrum

Life is vigour, stable pulse in ineffable movement, mysterious beauty, vibrant sense. Blessed encounter.

How come then that most poeple choose to live “dead”…? – In a vapid state of non-encounter, absurdity, disingeniously predictable?

There is no worse enslavement

…than the constant need to have a reason for everything you do.

They all demean themselves so honorably

“I fail therefore I am.”

The tragedy is that most people will do anything to make you remain as dead as they are. We always bump into these calamitous souls who frustrate us proportionally with our lacking courage to live and truly be alive.

People are dangerous insofar as they never truly live

Nothing to misunderstand here:

Their frustration and unhappiness as the result of the never lived life, will spawn
huge violence and gruesome antagonism resulting eventually in war.

If we discard this obvious truth, we deserve a dire destiny.

It´s all it takes – ONE SECOND

Paradoxically, what makes the whole thing unspeakably difficult is that it is childishly easy; and being so “easy”, for most people becomes thus incomprehensible.

“It can not be, you are fooling me.”

We recognize but the difficult, the twisted, the whimsical, the distorted.

To most people, the miracle of “Life happening this very second” is some kind of abstruse, impossible “philosophical” truth, something which needs exercise, sacrifice to be “obtained”.

But this is the crux:


There is no road to it. No journey to undertake. Nothing to arrive at.

You either Live This Second or bargain it away for a promise. The empty promise of a future retribution.

It is terribly tragic and surreal: people go from one idea to another, changing experience to another experience, travelling, working, substituting relation after relation, and at the end of the day, they learn Nothing. ZERO!! Nada…

It is mind-blowing really: most humans don´t even get to know a single thing for real, as they never allow to be touched by the glimpse of A TRUE SECOND.

It´s all it takes: ONE SECOND. If you do one thing devotedly – understanding and approprating it pervasively – everything will rightly unfold!

It´s all that simple: Either you open yourself, trusting – thus fully living – this second as it comes, allowing it to guide you, or fight against it – against yourself really -, creating nothing but punishment, pain, sorrow and misadventure.

What life can you have when they all flee their true destiny?

There are very few humans who follow their destiny – their true call in life. Their real vocation, that is, TO LIVE.

Life and living is the last thing people think of.

The energy of a truly lived life reaches forth to everyone around. Energy creates meaning…Value. True commitment.

The absence of energy, the ubiquitous death people call life, creates nothing but further failure for each one of us.

If you don´t commit to Life, you commit to nothingness – to total absence of meaning and value.