Where relation is absent there is nothing to reach out for

We flee life and so we flee each other.

We thus project ourselves in a loose scenario which constantly
takes us further and further from the natural encounter…

We have jam or marmelade but no toast to put it on.

What is not in relation is “in suffering”

The absence of problems would make most people totally nonplussed. In fact, if problems would disappear, they would disappear along with them…So for many, being problem and conflict free, would be an unimaginable hell…

The fact that humans like their problems is I think natural. I would argue that it’s okay to like problems provided that

1) You are actually trying to solve them so you can move on to something new and

2) One spends their energy on problems that are actually worth trying to solve. Like how to reduce the suffering of others. The real “problem” is that people prefer to focus on the meaningless so that they can convince everyone that they are also suffering. As you so often say it comes down to ego, a form of self-centeredness.

Problems and conflicts are inherent in self-centeredness. Utterly speaking, the fragment – that is, the separated ego – is a non-relation. And what is not in relation, is “in suffering”…

So yes…- people prefer to focus on the meaningless not only in order to convince everyone that they are also suffering, but maintaining the suffering in themselves as the prevalent code, THEY COMMUNICATE THROUGH, AND MAKE OTHERS A PART OF THEIR MISERY.

It doesn´t require a huge capacity to fathom that Life is Intrinsic Relation, meaning that everything existing is interrelated with anything else.


This is the mainstream problem of egocentrism:

In its vapid dream of being fragmented, it cannot naturally fathom the above mentioned simple but overarching truth…- namely that nothing exists outside relation.

Whatever it undertakes, self-centeredness obsessively states and stresses non-relation.

“I am by being not” – is its twisted credo. It wants to stand out against all odds, and the only way to achieve that, is creating non-relation – that is suffering…Problems. Conflicts.

So logically, if non-relation shows to be an inane dream, it means also that ultimately,
Suffering – despite being so widespread and very real -, is in fact…a dream too…:) A toilsome misconstruction.The outcome of the ubiquitous ego-delusion of being separate from Life…again, a non-relation.

To reach the bottom line:
In order for us to move to something new, we need to lay aside this nearsightedness called “separate ego”, and individually – to start with – wake up from this engrained misnomer that Life is about suffering.

Life is relation

I always get inspired and learn about myself observing and carefully taking in consideration other people´s life.

Life means relation, and where there is no genuine relation between people,
there is no life. Disinterest for “the other” is in fact disinterest for your real life.

Ignoring and being indifferent to “the other”, means that you don´t want to investigate and find out WHO you are, HOW you are, or what you could be.
It means you are not interested to discover your own REAL POTENTIAL.

L’enfer c’est l´autre, (hell is the other) said Sartre. Totally wrong!

The real inferno is you! 

You, living in isolation, cut off from “the other”. You, afraid to see yourself in someone else, refusing to accept that the “stranger” is your mirror.