Memory is Fear of Now

What was “something” yesterday, today is just a vapid dream.

Of course, we can always return to the memory of anything.
But really…does any Memory help you now…? Can we count
with something that happened yesterday, or years ago…?

If we want to be unhappy, we linger in memory.

There is no such thing as better or worse memory.
Memory fetters us. We get stuck in inexistence,
indulging in vacuous delusion.

We perceive and turn this very moment into a
“continuation” of whatever bygone thing,
trying to reinforce it.
When it happened, that thing was alive.
Whenever we try to reiterate and consolidate it,
it becomes a dead thing. We become stiff,
languorous and dull.

Memory is the gap between now and then, it owns
no impartial and dispassionate reality.

Our memory is no more than an inconsolable way
to avoid the insecurity
end loneliness of this very moment.

That´s what Memory is basically:
Identification with the dead.
It is name-giving, eternally defining everything
in order to shun direct contact with Now.

Whenever you turn whatever thing
into a part of your memory
you kill it.

That is eventually what Memory is about: