Words and Silence

Every time we talk, we reiterate and strengthen the past. Why? Because word is memory, conditioned experience, the image we hold about ourselves through all our yesterdays. Word is thus the known – our security. And security is the other side of fear. If we want to grow and undergo renewal, we have to have the courage to be silent. To “practise” Silence. To let go of word. And letting go of the spoken word, we let go of fear – of the false image we think we are.

We simply need to learn to be silent. In Silence you realize you are not the dream of your yesterdays.

Following words by Michael K. Marsh are truly enlightening:

“Silence invites us to repent from the need to justify, explain, and defend; from the need to be recognized, heard, and approved of; from the need to be accomplished, efficient, and productive. Silence creates space. (This spaciousness) allows us to listen with our heart rather than our ears. Nothing needs to be said. Nothing needs to be done.

All is well.”