Literature, like abstract philosophy, is outdated

“I discovered this too”, says Narelle. “After a long love affair with literature, I discovered something far more enchanting:


Our name is quick fix

The thing is that I would like to write longer posts, but I am aware
that the longer the text, the less chance to be read…

People have almost no patience nowadays, they are not at
all interested to deepen a subject at length. Rather unfortunate…

One has thus to develop this uncommon skill of writing so concentrated and so powerfully, that things that once were pursued and wrought in a whole book, necessarily have to be conveyed in few lapidary lines. 

Imagine Dante writing Divine Comedy in few lines only. Or Shakespeare
rendering his plays in no longer than a page. Quite absurd also for
Beethoven´s symphonies to be no longer than a minute.

Utterly surreal…but so it is:

Absurdity for the absurd.

If you have a message to convey you have to write absurdly
and whippingly short if you want to be heard.

Intellectual capacity and the lack of morality

Not that learning is to be despised, but that it must be allied to goodness. Intellectual capacity is sometimes found associated with the meanest moral character—with abject servility to those in high places, and arrogance to those of low estate. A man may be accomplished in art, literature, and science, and yet, in honesty, virtue, truthfulness, and the spirit of duty, be entitled to take rank after many a poor and illiterate peasant.

– George Herbert

Immediate evaluation

You may lose not one, but two lifetimes with futile things which claim to be
glaringly indispensable, to realize afterwards that you gave your precious time to crap.

It is therefore vitally important to have a sharp eye, to detect
where Essence is…- to instantly see what´s “behind” the screen.

The skill of Right Immediate Evaluation! That applies to whatever information,
people you encounter, books you read.

I once read a novel by a Swedish writer. His writing style was ok, but for the greater parts the book was rather tedious. At some point in the book, I BUMPED INTO THREE LINES.

I realized with awe, that the whole book consisted of these very lines, the rest of it was some kind of “tepid”, meaningless literature. A waste of time really…


Some weeks later I saw an interview with this writer, and guess what: He said it himself: he had built the whole novel out of those three lines …

Beyond opinion or whim

If your words are to “outlive” you, they have to be poignant, passionately coherent,
seizing and personal, yet dispassionately impersonal and far-reaching,
and above all,
they have to convey Truth beyond opinion or whim.

Trapped and cheated

She writes incessantly.

Whatever she says is
seemingly right
and true.

You can sense wisdom in her lines.

You can sense a strong yearning to reach out.

And yet…

She is a perfect stranger to her words.

After reading her, you feel estranged too…
You have the eery feeling
of being left out of yourself.

Quite a fact

If you are hungry, and I give you ten likes here, it wouldn´t appease your hunger
would it…?

And yet, that´s the way we live…