Says Rainer Maria Rilke

The only courage that is demanded of us, is the courage for the most strange, the most singular, the most inexplicable, that we may encounter. Mankind has in this sense been cowardly, has done life endless harm.

The experiences that are called visions, the whole so-called spirit world, death, all these things that are incredibly akin to us, have by daily paring been so crowded out of our life, that the senses with which we could have grasped them are atrophied, to say nothing of God.

Open your window

Poetry enters through the window of irrelevance.

M.C. Richards

A word to Tom

Apart from the fact that you put words to my, so-called, blogging experience as well, I want to tell you that your writing has a vivid kind of immediate pragmatism, eloquent rhythmicity, poetical quality and insight, brightly reaching out, that makes a text really worth reading.

There are people who have something to say – and yet their writing lacks that kind of inner suppleness, without which the text conveys no vigour.

Rhythmical emphasis and snapping but caressing words…Vim…this is what makes a text worthwhile.
Personally, if I detect that this ineffable quality is missing from a text I don´t continue reading. The truth of the matter is that due to this reason I don´t read much anymore.

But I do enjoy reading you 🙂 I don´t know if you´ve ever pondered, but if you managed to write a novel in this meaningful tone of yours, it would be a winner.

You say:

“My work is intertwined now with theirs”… Indeed a real creator hears and gives expression to many voices around.
This is the difference between “serious” undertaking and shallowly pursuing a vapid idea.

In fact, the more we come out of the shell into real togetherness, the grander the inspiration and powerfull impact we´ll spread.

To make it short…

Poetry is not “serious” business, it is not a clear goal to reach. Beauty and wisdom cannot be bought. Love cannot be purchased. The priceless doesn´t have a price.

One thousand and one new stories to tell

What are numbers really? Do they actually exist per se, as energy entities, or do they only exist in our imagination only?

Have you ever wondered if numbers have a certain significance? If they somehow influence the course of your life?

What is the secret significance of 1001? It is doubtlessly perfect symmetry above all. This number is an enigmatic sequence, a beginning and an end simultaneously.

What is the end, and what is the beginning? Is there such a thing as a beginning and an end? In our finite scenario there is, on a higher level, things are far more complex and complicated.

I will not indulge in vapid speculations. The fact of the matter is that only when we manage to go beyond our limited “time-and-space” scenario, we get a glimpse of the mysterious beauty of life, where things are intertwined in a spectacular maze of  “absurd and illogical” order. I say “absurd”, as here we speak about a level of being which doesn´t obey at all our logical apprehension. In this realm, mainstream Logic is like having a hammer trying to carve and hone shadows… Unless we have the ability to go beyond our limited logical comprehension, we will never experience the sublime presence of this plane of being.

All our myths, fairy tales and sagas are rooted and emerge from this realm of existence. It is good to be able to use our reason and practical sense in the world of “matter”, but once we enter these delicate levels, we need other instruments in order to grasp and dialogue with them.

The instrument we have at hand to deal with this illuminated “shadow world” is our ability to think metaphorically, to seize life in its mythical aspect.

Hence, our fairy tales are not something for kids only. Our fairy tales bear usually the living presence of this ineffable world, explaining in a far wider sense what Life is about, than our human logic.

A Thousand and One Nights bear witness of what I am trying to emphasise here.

Indeed, we have to rediscover our sagas. It is ripe time to take interest and widen our perception, questioning our myths, reconsidering another “story telling”.

All in all, we need to open our eyes for a wider reality. YES WE NEED NEW STORY-TELLERS. Stories awaken dormant energies within us, they connect us with the magical source within, they reinforce our dreams.

We need a more metaphorical approach to life. We need to unleash the new power of our yearning, through a more permissive attitude toward our timeless stories.

We need to  embrace the hidden and magic reality of the fairy tales, allowing them to be part of our “mundane” experience.

Without reconsidering the timeless symbols in myths and fairy tales pointing to a higher reality, our life becomes more and more devoid of meaning, and we all end up living an infinitely flat and dull existence.

What do we choose?

A night in Hades

Sometimes you feel like you said all you had to say, that actually there is nothing more to add…On my behalf,
just now it feels like that…as if I´ve used it all, I have sourced all the arsenal of my knowledge.
I feel like a hollow man, destitute of himself, helplessly aware that Wasteland is an all too overwhelming and gigantic entity, on which I have no chance of victory.

Wasteland disposes over enormous powers. It has many allies. The higher you come, the more insidious ways it uses to destabilize you. The evil forces are extraordinarily uncanny and shrewd. Under the disguise of “good and elegant”, of “beautiful and benevolent”, “well-behaved and distinguished”, it can easily convince you to open your soul and let the guard down, and alas, when you least expect…bang!!, the monster emerges and attacks in all its vicious ugliness. You may think these are pure phantasies…Bad news, they are not.

However, it can come in innumerable manifestations, it is well versed, it has an incredible repertoire, from incredibly subtle to fierce aggressiveness. It can come as huge fear, disillusion, loneliness,despondency, discouragement, depression, disease. You heard me right: disease is one of the most favourite expressions of evil!

It can even “orchestrate” accidents! it can literally hit you out of the blue from nowhere. It sounds preposterous, but it has happened me many times. The moment you relax too much and you are no longer cautious…bam, there comes the slap.

The worse is that it can come while you sleep. And as we no longer know how to protect ourselves during our night sleep, they can freely enter in our most intimate territory: the soul.

What I am going to say now, maybe for many of you sound like stupid megalomania, but this is a fact:

Inside and outside of me, I HAVE CREATED ALREADY SUCH INCREDIBLE FLOW AND POWERFUL STREAMS OF CLARITY  WHICH DEFIES THE DARK, so these dark forces are terribly displeased.

I repeat, what I say sound absolutely preposterous: I was attacked with such vehemence last night, I thought
I was about to die – yes, it was the worse kind of psychic attack I ever witnessed.
I take the big risk of making a fool of myself, but I have nothing to lose…I feel I have to share this with you.

This is the reality nobody will ever talk to you about. This reality is more “real” than anything else. For sure, average people will laugh you in the face. Fairytales, myths and other science fiction sagas, describe very well this many folded reality of life… Ultimately, despite all evidence, THIS LIFE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MAGIC TALE, believe me on that!

Goethe wrote all his life about these forces, represented by Mephistopheles. The master understood…

However, yesterday night I felt as the loneliest man on this planet, feeling and realizing what was going on, but having absolute no clue how to defend myself. Who could have believed me, and be with me and support me on that…? I am still very frail after last night, I haven´t yet recovered…

I WOULD NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE INITIATED IN THESE OCCULT MATTERS, someone “serious”, versed in magic, who sees and perceives the gravity of all I have depicted here.

Another dialogue with Jane about character

Jane says:

“The art of character! I like that phrase. Let us discuss this. I started looking up the phrase and came upon this wordpress site:

I still make character mistakes, but keep the focus on one thing only: Whatever action I take, my character stands in front of my name. This statement has helped me greatly in the last ten years. I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I can be counted on most of the time. I add, most of the time, because I also realize there is nothing I can do 100% because I am human.

I am very sad about the condition of the world. If women ruled the world, would it be a better world? I do not know. I am very saddened to see world leaders, and people who run corporations cheat, lie, steal, strive, manipulate and aggress. It has been happening since the beginning of time. When I was born, there were 3.5 billion people on earth. Now there are 7 billion. The earth is more crowded, and technology has also made it possible to see treachery as it happens in real-time.”

My Answer:

“Intellectual capacity is sometimes found associated with the meanest moral character—with abject servility to those in high places, and arrogance to those of low estate. A man may be accomplished in art, literature, and science, and yet, in honesty, virtue, truthfulness, and the spirit of duty, be entitled to take rank after many a poor and illiterate peasant.”

That´s the perfect description of many truly gifted “intellectuals” especially in Romania. They can be brilliant in their specific area, but at the same time, they have virtually no character whatsoever. As he very well puts it, “An abject servility to those in high places”.

And that is so discouraging and disconcerting…so incredibly sordid and low-minded…They write fantastic books and in reality they are no more than a bunch of pathetic scoundrels.

Cowardice, endless stint, rapacity, bigotry and hypocrisy everywhere, at all levels…This is our time.

It is easy to understand why the world is in this present condition – we are short of individuals with “undeviating adherence to truth, integrity, and uprightness”.

Honour and real virtue seem to have become some kind of dusty, obsolete objects in a forlorn museum.

You say beautifully : ” Whatever action I take, my character stands in front of my name I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I can be counted on most of the time.” – for sure, that`s the way I perceive you; the world needs more individuals like you.

So, if you look objectively around us we have all reasons to yield to gloom.

ON THE OTHER HAND :) , the best way to “change” the world is to take away the focus from the present reality, and look at life through the veil of eternal joy…

Strength, lucidity, composure, right measure, trust…These are our invaluable gifts.”


… once said that Life is meant to be imperfect .
It becomes perfect only when it is seen through the eyes of poetry .

Why I usually don´t read novels

I usually don´t read novels because most of them are incredibly prosaic and a real waste of precious time.

Some time ago I read a novel by a contemporary Swedish author, Torgny Lindgren. I was more curious about the translation, so I read it in Romanian. Although the book wasn´t that thick, it didn´t manage to catch my interest as it was rather dull.

At some point in the book, there were these three lines! which attracted my attention. Reflecting on them, I said to myself that these three lines were the most interesting in the whole book.

Believe it or not, reading the afterword of the book, the writer notified the reader that THE WHOLE BOOK WAS BUILT UP ON THE VERY THREE LINES I had found worth reading.

Damn, I was enraged. On one hand, I was really grateful for possessing this ability of clear judgement, detecting Value in an ocean of waste-paper, on the other hand I wondered:

Why the hell write a whole book when what you had to say takes only three lines?