The voice is whispering

Learn to die to resurrect as the one you really are.

The art of listening

The problem with many people is that they haven´t acquired the most precious skill – to listen.

How can you ever learn and know anything unless you listen carefully?…Book knowledge can be valuable. But what it counts most, is the truths that are conveyed in everyday life.They come when you least expect them. Listening and taking in, makes the great difference between the vivid and the sleepwalker. Somnambulism is a fact with most people.

It is about being mindful, about being aware of the urgency of creating an inner space within you. This inner space enables you To Listen Carefully and to receive the message life has in store for you. If you go around in a constant state of restlessness, thinking, wishing and aspiring, you are out of touch with this very moment, you´ll be nothing but a stranger in this life.

Nothing will ever happen, nothing real will come to you, not because life is not giving, but because you have no clue as to what receiving is about.

And indeed, being able to receive means to know how to listen. If you don´t learn to listen, you have nothing to give…

A meaningful dialogue about disappoinment


Can we see our own incongruence and hidden hypocrisy?…


Julien – I believe some of us do, yes. Although perhaps not all the time, or maybe when we look back we recognize our hypocrisies. Are any of us not guilty of hypocrisies at one time or another? It’s a matter of getting out of our own way to let ourselves “see” others around us I suppose. Although the post was specifically stating my disappointment with those who deem it necessary to shout to the world their specific beliefs, while ignoring humanity around them, it is also true we are all guilty of one type of hypocrisy or another….

And what do you think?


I wish I had a simple answer.

I will not indulge in philosophical non-sense, I will just ask:

WHAT IS DISAPPOINTMENT…? Why do we get disappointed…?

Can we open-mindedly delve into these questions with earnest willingness ? Cause behind these questions lies the answer which can give us unexpected perspective on ourselves.

What ideas or beliefs of mine are at stake when I get disappointed by other´s behaviour?… My expectations are harmed, isn´t it so…?
Why do I hold any kind of expectation? Because if I didn´t have myself certain beliefs, I wouldn´t have any expectations, would I?

What is belief at the end of the day? An idea, of course – an idea with which we identify, in order to feel safe. I protect my ego through idea, I derive my sense of safety through that specific belief…

I ask again:
If we had no belief to hold to, would we ever feel disappointed?

What DO WE IGNORE REALLY within and around us when we hold whatever belief…?

The Glorious Unseen

Isn´t it funny?

I searched for answers my whole life. When I most ardently needed them, they never came.
When I ceased to want any, they came. Like tonight…

There I was, feeling how the answers came…but not wrapped in words, but folded in the most delicate and ethereal quietness. Oh, that ineffable calm which transcends all thought…

They came when I had given up…without really being aware I had let go of everything in that moment…So who was there…? Me perceiving them, or they perceiving me…?

Such an incredible unshakable assuredness:

As my ego was absent, I literally felt that Life exists beyond form, and through contact with this unspeakable perennial formlessness, all manifested forms pale…Not that the manifested isn´t real or important, but I realized like never before, that Joy, Happiness and real Contentment are not to be found at the level of manifested form, but beyond, in the Unseen.

I am very much aware that without a personal experience of this, what I say now seems totally preposterous and far-fetched. I cannot expect you to believe me on this, but as my surname is Matei, 🙂 I will take the risk and ask permission to say the following:

Give up your ego, and in that humbleness seek and await the Glorious Unseen, and in that Joy that transcends all thought, all things you dream about will be given you.

We can create something together

I saw yesterday a quite interesting program at TV . It was about a pianist I never heard of before, Alexander Toradze .
He managed to create a famous piano-school in Indiana. I didn´t like his playing at all , but that is of no consequence here . But what it was amazing was that the community took great pride and interest  in having this school, where pianists from all over the world can come and study.
Wealthy people were backing the whole project ; there were bankers , politicians , other major personalities .

Now…we should get out of our shell , and see if  we can collaborate , WE COULD  CREATE SOMETHING TOGETHER . A place, some kind of school where questions are raised , where pertinent issues can have a forum , where  perennial values are taught , a place of living spirituality, where art can flourish.

It all seems an utopia, I don´t know , but  if they did, why can´t we?