Why not choose healing rather than desolation?

Why not choose what makes life more livable? Why not choose to see yourself as embedded in a living, feeling universe, one that’s aware in its deepest layers, rather than a dead mass of sand?

If you insist that you must make the “logical” choice and remain true to facts regardless of emotional cost, ask yourself these questions: Can you be sure your logic is correct? Are the facts open to alternate interpretation? Besides, what makes you believe logic the most reliable tool?
Is the mind always wiser than the heart?

(Quoted from willspirit.com)

Reblogging a great post about life and koans

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Life is a Koan….!!!

This question seems nonsensical, but this is only so when measured against the linear logical requirements of society. The question is intended to open the initiated mind to possibilities beyond the rational. It is also designed to awaken the possibility that spiritual answers require a different mode of thought.

The Koan is “What is the sound of one hand?” Of course, in terms of the conventional world there can be no sound from a single hand. Sound logically needs two hands clapping. However, the question presumes that one hand clapping has already created a sound and that it can be heard. The question is not about sound or hands clapping, although this is quite conceivable within the literal context. The question is rather about hearing the impossible, which is only termed impossible within the framework of conventional reality.

The protagonist is therefore pressing and encouraging a criticism of ordinary reality and to force the mind into other areas of understanding. The purpose of a Koan is to open the mind and perception to the truth. Koans are questions or riddles designed as instruments to the discerning mind in finding the truth behind the everyday images of reality.

How do Koans function?

Koans are not rational questions with final linear conclusions. They are especially designed for one purpose; this purpose is to open the mind that has been closed by habitual responses to the world and reality. They promote out of the box thinking which is much beyond the traditional approach in its scope and purpose both.

Our perception of the world is clouded by, first, the habitual responses that we are taught by society and secondly, by the habit-forming creation of our own selves or ego’s. In everyday life and through societal education, we develop ideas about reality and possibilities that our peers verify. We accept these “laws” as immutable on the basis of their habitual occurrence and certification by society.

For example, scientific authorities state that there is a law of gravity and that time is linear and proceeds from one second to the next. These “truths” are supported and bolstered by schools, society and our peers until they become unquestionable fact. This also applies to our ideas of human personality and of us. Change then becomes an almost impossible task within the framework of conventional society.

The purpose of Koans is to upset or dislocate the mind from these habitual ideas of reality and open the mind to the other possibilities and, eventually, knowledge of reality. At its most elementary stage the Koan is intended to question what we take for commonplace reality and to question that which is seen to be logically impossible. It is the best way to prepare for spiritual reality that transcends or goes beyond ordinary logical knowledge.

Some more story like examples:-

A Shorter Line

One day Akbar drew a line with his royal hand on the floor of the open court and told his wise men that if they wanted to keep their jobs they must make the line shorter without touching any part of it. Wise man after wise man approached and stood staring at the puzzle, but they were unable to solve the problem. Finally Birbal stepped forward and drew a longer line next to the first one, without touching the first line.   Everyone in the court looks at it and agreed. The first line was definitely shorter.

The Value of Education

Nasreddin had a leaky ferry-boat, and used it to row people across the river. One day his passenger was a fussy schoolteacher, and on the way across he decided to give Nasreddin a test and see how much he knew.

“Tell me, Nasreddin, what are eight sixes?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“How do you spell magnificence?”

“I don’t.”

“Didn’t you study anything at school?”


“In that case, half your life is lost.”

Just then a fierce storm blew up, and the boat began to sink.

“Tell me, schoolteacher,” said Nasreddin. “Did you ever learn to swim?”


“In that case, your whole life is lost.”

Nothing Real can be established

Thanks for your post here. It means a lot to me …. making progress in non-thinking.

All those comments are like lights from different perspectives to the whole “thing”. Quite a lot of what is said is logically contradictory and that confuses us. We’ve been taught throughout our life that contradictory statements are nonsense. What if they are not?

Think about that for a few moments.

Either I get completely nuts right now or I begin to understand.

Whatever we knew yesterday is no longer valid today. To approximate this very moment through the filter of the past, deprives us the joyful freedom and clarity of a fruitful approach.

Thus, although I get what you say – there cannot be any “progress in non-thinking” – thought must stop, if we are to get a clear picture of the ongoing reality.

You say that “quite a lot of what is said is logically contradictory and that confuses us”- but what or who within us gets confused…?
Give it a thought, or better even – give it no thought :)
Although valuable, our Logic is ultimately just an instrument to control and fight against something we fear and do not understand…- Life?…

We need to understand that whatever we infer is projection and not truth.

Truth therefore, is always paradoxical, inconsequent and highly contradictory – as TRUTH IS A VIVID REALITY NOT A LOGICALLY DERIVED ENTITY. For sure many a scientist of the Old School, would find this perspective of Truth a far-fetched fabulation, yes, pure nonsense. But let us remind us of the last discoveries within quantum physics which confirm my words.

We need to comprehend that NOTHING REAL CAN BE ESTABLISHED! So, our statements are contradictory and at the same time, they are not. It all depends of the viewpoint we hold.

They say that before reaching a higher state of perception, we face and go through a phase similar to madness. The Zen Masters know this very well.

So be nuts, as you are on the verge of understanding. :)

Life is emotion

Isn´t it funny…?

Life shuns all our intellectual attempts to grasp what she is about. Our most valued asset is our thinking and our logic. And time after another, Life baffles and mocks our logic – how can this futile instrument measure Its Mystery and Grandeur?

No, we never get any answers through our thinking. We are unwilling to understand that and struggle even harder to fathom the seemingly unfathomable. A total waste of time, isn´t it?… Our pursuit in this sense is as meaningful as trying to catch air.

Instead of LIVING life, we try to understand it, to eternally “interpret” it. But because life never fits into our preconceived ideas and bigoted interpretations, we mostly have a wrong relation to it, as we can never control it…

We are pathetic really. We refuse to understand the simplest truth: LIFE IS NOT ABOUT THINKING, IT IS ABOUT EMOTION.

Our ever-failing thoughts, our constant dissatisfaction and frustration caused by eternal ruminating, for not having control over anything, has done that we are in a continuous state of riot.

Our mental dis-functionality has deeply affected our emotions, our soul. We are all emotional wrecks. We have become some kind of disjointed freaks as we kill ourselves constantly, going against our emotions. We are afraid to see what we have done to ourselves.

At the end of the day, what we need to learn is trust, to re-connect with Faith. Our existential fears are mostly the outcome of lack of faith. We need to give up this frenzied thinking, this hopeless searching that will bring us only dire regrets.

When we allow ourselves to feel and let go of this damn logic, then we have a chance that life unravels itself  through a nice poem, a nice perfume, or through a nice smile from the evening flowers.

So, take a break from thinking!


One thousand and one new stories to tell

What are numbers really? Do they actually exist per se, as energy entities, or do they only exist in our imagination only?

Have you ever wondered if numbers have a certain significance? If they somehow influence the course of your life?

What is the secret significance of 1001? It is doubtlessly perfect symmetry above all. This number is an enigmatic sequence, a beginning and an end simultaneously.

What is the end, and what is the beginning? Is there such a thing as a beginning and an end? In our finite scenario there is, on a higher level, things are far more complex and complicated.

I will not indulge in vapid speculations. The fact of the matter is that only when we manage to go beyond our limited “time-and-space” scenario, we get a glimpse of the mysterious beauty of life, where things are intertwined in a spectacular maze of  “absurd and illogical” order. I say “absurd”, as here we speak about a level of being which doesn´t obey at all our logical apprehension. In this realm, mainstream Logic is like having a hammer trying to carve and hone shadows… Unless we have the ability to go beyond our limited logical comprehension, we will never experience the sublime presence of this plane of being.

All our myths, fairy tales and sagas are rooted and emerge from this realm of existence. It is good to be able to use our reason and practical sense in the world of “matter”, but once we enter these delicate levels, we need other instruments in order to grasp and dialogue with them.

The instrument we have at hand to deal with this illuminated “shadow world” is our ability to think metaphorically, to seize life in its mythical aspect.

Hence, our fairy tales are not something for kids only. Our fairy tales bear usually the living presence of this ineffable world, explaining in a far wider sense what Life is about, than our human logic.

A Thousand and One Nights bear witness of what I am trying to emphasise here.

Indeed, we have to rediscover our sagas. It is ripe time to take interest and widen our perception, questioning our myths, reconsidering another “story telling”.

All in all, we need to open our eyes for a wider reality. YES WE NEED NEW STORY-TELLERS. Stories awaken dormant energies within us, they connect us with the magical source within, they reinforce our dreams.

We need a more metaphorical approach to life. We need to unleash the new power of our yearning, through a more permissive attitude toward our timeless stories.

We need to  embrace the hidden and magic reality of the fairy tales, allowing them to be part of our “mundane” experience.

Without reconsidering the timeless symbols in myths and fairy tales pointing to a higher reality, our life becomes more and more devoid of meaning, and we all end up living an infinitely flat and dull existence.

What do we choose?


Live exceptionally

“Exceptionally” comes of course from the word exception. If you want to be able to decipher the “hidden” messages of life, you have to learn to think and feel exceptionally.

Exceptions never follow a main stream order, obviously it´s a thing not following the rule.

It means that exceptions can be neither perceived nor assumed by the normal logical mind, as logic is linear repetition of the known.

Mind, like every system, is a mechanic entity, usually a non vivid entity as it is a conglomerate of repetitions and habits. What would happen if we all got rid of the habit of logic and linearity and embrace life as a wondrous sequence of exceptions? The implications are huge.

Imagine the incredible amount of energy and unknown potential to be released in such a healthy approach.

TO LIVE EXCEPTIONALLY IS TO ACCESS YOUR WHOLE POTENTIAL, BEING WATCHFUL HERE AND NOW. It means to let go of all inertia of habit, of preconceived knowledge and start looking at everything with the eyes of a kid.

This is the key to a new life, to a new perception: to question and let go of the known patterns of thinking. You can continue doing everything you´ve always done, but with a new approach, with a new frame of mind.

Logic has its way of predetermined conditioning. Exceptions make themselves known through “random events”, that is, they follow an undetermined “pattern” of secret sequences.

Again, if you have the readiness to let go of the known, beginning to fathom this unaccountable sequences of exceptional incidents, than you are in vivid touch with Life.

Life manifests itself through exception – every moment is an exception, a new chance of renewal. Yes, you can predict the unpredictable, if you start living exceptionally.


We have invented  LOGIC  as  an excuse to our inability to grasp the unfathomable.