The ultimate question

It is very seldom that the thing we yearn for
is the one to quench our deepest thirst.

What is eventually the truest longing behind our longing?

Icy love

Your image is lingering

Like an icy Icon

Longing for colours

Long gone

We meet in countless crystal facets

We meet

On and on…

I am heavenly frozen

In your juvenile iridescence

Says Leonardo da Vinci

The longing is in its quintessence the spirit of the elements, which…desires continually to return to its source.

And I would have you know that this same longing is in its quintessence inherent in nature.

About sorrow and fear of living

The deep sorrow we many times feel, stems from not giving the right answers to Life. Life is a constant challenge second by second, and when we give “wrong” answers to the impending challenges, sorrow is there right away. Sorrow notifies us about something being wrong – wrong  answers to real events. There is something within us that still doesn´t receive the right attention and interest. Something  that has to do with repressed emotions.

We feel unfulfilled as long as we don´t live – don´t feel… – this is the real issue…But how can we live and embrace certain emotions, when we don´t know how to do it, when we have learned to fear our feelings?
Here comes what I find most important, the thing I always stress: we have to bring everything into NOW, we have to bring forth our repressed emotions and consider them with most searing sincerity.

We have to learn to confront this very moment…If we want to know what Life is about, we have to empty our mind second by second, we have to learn how to let go of the constant mental activity, and approach existence more emotionally.

Without us being aware of this, we deprive ourselves of certain emotional experiences our soul yearns for, because of fear to experience loss and sorrow, ultimately fearing Death.

We can be already most lucid persons, yet…certain basic things escape us.

Try to follow me on this:

This present moment, – NOW – is timeless, that is, transcendent. It is both personal and impersonal, and so is the serene heart – it dwells into these realms, it is beyond opposites.  Despite our great insights, we are fooled by the ego who fears this ineffable serenity, and deters us from perceiving it.

The ego can function only within the spectrum of the opposites. It loathes timelessness, as timelessness and serenity is its death. This timeless glimpse which is this present moment, is our real abode – we can only know this through the heart. If we are out of touch with Now, we get immediately caught in longing, in sorrow, in the ego´s grieving song.

Thus, only when we are wholly in touch with Now, – the “eternal now” of the heart – when we live this as an immediate reality, delusion and fear disappear.

And so does time, sorrow and resentment.