The insane ego pondering

“My worst fear is that I am you…like you…in relation with you. So I fiercely refuse to admit that we are One – that we share the same Drama…- that your pain, loss and problems are also mine.

I thus obsessively empower and re-enact my being SO different from you, so that I can maintain the magical lie of being special – that is, separated from you.

Don´t you ever come near me.


Most of our undertakings in life are failures, and in their loss is our greatest chance

– annanimm

With other words:

Success can be a total failure and failure the greatest success.

Communicating for real makes the difference

All words are meaningless really, unless they are uttered with Love…

I do not expect that my words will sooth your loss, or mine – for that matter. But hearing each other, communicating for real, makes a huge difference.

A comment to Paul


It is a sad fact of life: when people detect depression in themselves or, above all, in someone else,
they kind of flee like sparrows. People are usually afraid of introspection. Depression forces us all to look for answers inward… to contemplate – pure and simple – inner reality.

I recognize myself in your words – feeling alone, not having people to talk with. It is true in my case as well: we seem to have more virtual friends, than mates in our very proximity.

What is vital to know is that basically depression is – among other things – the outcome of isolation.
We try to compensate isolation through contact with others… It does never work.

We have to go down into the feeling of isolation, and examine the very nature of it…Not easy though – when you are isolated, whatever you do creates even more isolation.

So what is this isolation about? Can we look at it…? Can we stay with it without trying to flee into conversations…or whatever other ways of escape…?

As long as we don´t directly confront ourselves we will suffer from a constant feeling of loneliness and loss,
that is not going to be healed other than by our sincere readiness to find out…

A thought to Ben

Life can pour its precious wine only if the vessel is empty and crystal clear. We can sip and enjoy the good wine, but won´t hold to the memory of it, keeping our inner vessel – that is, our perception – clean, empty, free from craving.

It´s not an easy task, but remember, only when you´re empty you can be filled!

Yes, each moment is loss, when you understand the beauty of non abiding. This insight scares many, as what else have we learned throughout life other than holding to illusions? We are the victims of our memory, Clinging seems to be our share on this plane of existence…

When you understand that Freedom and Abundance is just a breath away, than you deliberately let go in trust, knowing that everything comes and goes…

The Void, neither comes nor goes…:) The Void comes and goes…