Is Romance dead?

“People are way too narcissistic and obsessed with FALSE self images and false idols to realize the Truth of Who They Are or anyone else is.

Love and romance imply action – an action which inherently requires one to be Present, living in the eternal Now. Nobody does this anymore, and I fear soon enough people will stop reproducing out of self-obsession and spite.”

– Paul Hopkins

Love can never be real without genuine connection – a dialogue about intimate relations

I have been seeing a man who expects me to hang off his every word as though it’s never yet been thought, and yet, when I try to contribute to the conversation, he reads a newspaper, or looks around, and once I’ve said something, he proceeds to say “Sorry, what did you say?” Sometimes, he is so obviously engrossed in something else that even when I’m silent, he says “Sorry, what was that?” almost as an afterthought, or a pretense that he was trying to listen when he’s really just waiting for me to be quiet so he can speak again.

I don’t expect all my thoughts and comments to be mind-blowing, though they are certainly often outside of the realm of “normal”…but I do expect to be shown the respect of being heard, especially since he so desires that from me. Or. Perhaps I just need a new man-friend.

Because love – can never be real love – without genuine connection, and genuine connection cannot occur in a communication vacuum

Tell me, is he rich at least? 😛

No, but really…relations are a conundrum.

Sorry for being so overly frank, but how on earth can you put up with such a self-infatuated and conceited fellow?

The feminine psyche is a total paradox so I wonder:

Does his disrespectful attitude somehow secretly make you look up to him?

Is it something in this type of behaviour which inertially triggers you?

What made you fall for him after all?…

There are women who are turned off if shown too much interest and affectionate attention.
They tacitly ask to be dominated and demeaned and thus are unconsciously drawn to this type of male who keeps them in constant turmoil.

There are very few genuine and intimate relations in this world. Most of them are built on distance. Mutual exploitation. Whims. Manipulation. What draws people together is usually the false self.

It´s about time maybe you revise the motive behind your attraction to this guy, assuming your own words:

“Love can never be real without genuine connection, and genuine connection cannot occur in a communication vacuum.”

Indeed, it is ripe time we become aware and face our inner vacuum, and start the real communication with the True Self. Only then we may know what Love is about.