I swear to God:

She is so overly charming so you literally want to eat her up.

I am sometimes looking through her photos and I am totally baffled. Apprehensive even…How can she have so many faces…? So many contradicting expressions…She inundates me with all these seductive stances.

I am so intimidated. What is it I know about her? What is it I don´t know?…

Always before we meet, I envision our instants together. I inevitably wonder what will be the expression with which she will greet me…What will she look and sound like, what will she wear, how will she move?…What will I see in her countenance? What will she allow me to see?…

Now and again I am anxious. Fearfully spellbound: she has the most enchanting voice I have ever heard. She can make me totally go berserk with her maddening inflexions – I lose track of everything mundane. Of reason, of time, of who I am or not am…

All my destinations have withered.

She is the most bewitching, dilemmatic and sensuous woman I have ever seen.

She is my Love. If Amor exists, It has her countenance.

We are different, but nonetheless worthy of love…

Let us learn to appreciate our differences. Let us learn from each other, instead of forcing the other
resemble us. Enjoy the difference between the other and you.

Who are you to want to change the other…?
Why should the other be permitted to change you?
Why should I be like you, why should you be like me…?

Let´s learn to listen instead of fighting one another!
Let us accept that there is no one else like you and me. We are different, but nonetheless worthy of love…