The sham of all shams

Humans find a secret pleasure in tormenting themselves. They love and are addicted to their problems, conflicts and keep away in every possible way from Joy, Communication, Togetherness. What’s worst is that no one is prone to admit it, but vehemently claim they want love, nearness, peace…What a formidable bullshit.


She was attentive, sensitive and approvingly present.
Such winsome, unfeigned sincerity.
Her smile wiped out all colourless days. All painful memories.
I was there. She was there. In fearless communion.
The afternoon was smiling too.
Such sweet, imponderable and soothing Lightness…

He is in love with the woman he hasn’t met

As yet…

Writing to mySelf


This very now-pulsating moment – is fathomless. Knowledge-less. Totally new…that is,”disconnected” – insofar as it is beyond anything you know.

So, if you want to heal and renew yourself, all projections must cease.

All expectations and anticipations must go.

This seems like utter desolation, which, truth be said, it is.

But in this “nothing-to-do-ness” – which is ego´s fear to dissolve – you may get a glimpse as to the nature of Truth:

Blessed ongoing-ness with no content. A now-movement beyond thought:


I cannot be more unequivocal

This nauseating modernity has killed woman´s soul…And killing woman´s natural proneness to nurture life, along with that, also beauty, elegance, poetry, music and everything which implies creativity and the arts, has been wiped off…
Unless we allow women to heal and retrieve this inherent unadulterated Love, we´re all fucked…

Modern Passion

She is quite an interesting girl. Clever, warm-hearted, rather elegant.
Gifted. Oftentimes, radiantly sensual.
Her boyfriend is the perfect Greek caricature of a hero. God in heaven…such a pompous, sentimental narrow-minded fool.
I understood why she is together with this self-sufficient moron:
She is afraid to exhibit her inner light and vivid presence. She is afraid to individuate. Instead of being herself, she prefers to be no one. Really…she is not willing to pay any price for being different – she kills her soul in order to be like everybody else.


I´ve had enough

God damn it!…

All these years I lived in devastation having to conceal my huge yearning and tremendous love in order to fit in. To not disturb the fucking consensus of a sick society which celebrates death, wretchedness and petty obedience.

Enough is enough.

I will scream out my wild love and passion. To hell with all fucking half measures!…


Vanilla scent spreading into daybreak
The journey awaits
Not her desire

There is no failure other than the one of not having truly loved

There is no Love in self-escaping

It´s about having courage to swim into One´s own pain – cause the one fleeing his darkness will never wholly approve of the other´s pain…